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Please welcome DJ AU to the storm!

Q1: Thanks for joining us, we are elated to finally have you! Can you give us the origin story of the name and idea behind the DJ AU name?

A1: Thanks for having me! My Name is Tyler Gold, but I go by the stage Name DJ AU. Initially when I started out, everyone was calling me DJ GOLD in college since my last name was Gold. after gaining some attention from playing out almost every weekend at frat parties and school events, I had to brainstorm and really figure out what my DJ name would be. After throwing idea after idea out, and even using DJ name generators off google, something in my head clicked to go by DJ AU. I never took chemistry, but a roommate did and mentioned Au was the periodic symbol for gold so I figure might as well go by Au rather than my last name.

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Q2: For the unknowing readers, and soon-to-be fans, where are you from?

A2: I honestly consider my self an east coast native. I am originally from western NY. I grew up in a small town in Portville, NY, graduating from a class of 59. I went to to college in NY and moved to buffalo, NY, where I lived for 3 years. I was the victim of a hit in run accident crossing a street walking in downtown Buffalo several years back and after dealing with the following winter weather feeling 100 years old, I  said no more and applied for jobs in the south. I took a job in Jacksonville, Florida and moved there knowing no-one. I stayed 3 years before making the move to Charlotte, NC where I currently reside.

Q3: What lead you into the dance music world, and what ultimately kept you?

A3: I initially got my start in music playing in garage bands all through high school and college. I Was determined to make my mark in music playing and got the opportunity to play in a band touring with Twenty One Pilots. In this band I played synth keyboard and we primarily played power pop electronic tunes. I vividly remember hearing a Krewella song on SoundCloud, and was convinced that was my calling. So after leaving the band I came up with the idea that DJing was my true calling. Similar to playing in a band, I love seeing the respond from people enjoying the music and feeling the music.

Q4: What impact do you wish to have on the world, whether it’s music or being a role model for others? 

A4: Overall I feel my ultimate goal would be to make people feel good about themselves, enjoy and live in the moment, and forget about all the negative aspects in their life.

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Q5: If someone is dealing with writers-block or just cannot find the mental groove to get into to learn and write music, what then? Do you have any advice for them?

A5: I always find inspiration from all walks of the music spectrum, I listen to a bit of everything, and some days hearing something of a different genre really inspires me to get into Ableton and start working with the new motivations.

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Q6: Any causes that you personally advocate for? Can you speak on this topic for us?
My biggest rule of thumb is to be the person you would want others to be. No one is perfect and I get that, but always being a genuine person and being an ear for anyone having a hard time may make their day better. We are all human and everyone fights their own battles, but if you can be the support and ear for someone going through a hard time, even just getting it off their chest may help smooth out a situation.

Q7: What is life like in the shoes of DJ AU? Walk us through a Day-In-The-Life of you!

A7: Well my days have grown to be a bit abnormal. My days start between 4 and 5 am. I let my two dogs out to go to the bathroom and feed them, when the weathers nice we take them on walks at a local park at the butt crack of dawn. we get home I get ready for work, I work a normal banker job 7 to 5. After that I usually unwind for a bit by hanging out with my dogs, then either hit the studio or the gym. My sleep hours vary, as I can usually function normally on 2 or 3 hours of sleep ever since my car accident. you can often find me online at any hours of the night, when I do a ton of my night owl chats and new concepts and music work.

Q8: What changes are coming for DJ AU as we head into 2021?

A8: Big changes in mind for the overall project for 2021. I have been working under the DJ AU name for about 5 years, slowly evolving it from being just a bar and event DJ into a bass music producer. Initially playing only ‘Top 40’ remixes at bars has now has grown into playing bass music and creating my own takes on tracks I really love and self production. I feel that I am not just a DJ but a producer, so it would be smart to rebound all together dropping the DJ and just going by AU.

Q9: What sort of creative processes have you called upon when approaching this project? What is the reason for the change? 

A9: Initially, It was playing remixes of Top 40 tracks that had more of an electronic drive aspect behind them. But over time and with an evolving ear, it moved from top 40 remixes, to tech house,  then bass house, finally leading up to bass music, that I am very passionate about now. The overall change in the name and re-branding would to be push the music production aspect rather than just being a DJ.

Q10: What artists inspire you the most to make music? Are there any artists outside the dance realm that also inspire you?

A10: I have a very wide range of artists that inspire me to make music, it just depends on the day. Some days I like my bass, house music artists( my tops being Ghastly, Kompany, Wooli, Jauz) other days I like tech house artist tracks like Chris Lake and Billy Kenny, or it may be rappers like Mike Stud or Huey Mack.

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Q11: Where has been your favorite place to play music? 

A11: I recently played a festival out in Virginia and the overall vibes of it just had a place in my heart. It was in the middle on nowhere out on a farm and everyone that went literally only went for the music. It was a split between some rap and bass music. The Of The Werewolves Fest was an amazing experience I and hope I can play again in the future!

Q12: Who do you believe deserves more spotlight and recognition in their music careers? Give them a healthy shout-out!

A12: I could start a list all day of artists/ friends that are growing and have helped me grow at the same time! Shout-out to Brassknuckle booking boys for starting a booking company and brining in big acts and playing big shows. Huge shout-out to Scafetta, a Buffalo guy just like myself. Scafetta was just starting as I was leaving buffalo 5 years ago and look at where he’s at now, just dropped an EP, “Save Me From Myself”, and he is completely underrated! Lastly a big shout-out to Good Vs Evil for putting out some real bangers and crushing it on his EP, “Mental Warfare. Overall probably one go the most well rounded, knowledgeable producers I’ve met! Not to mention, we just dropped our Only DJs calendar for 2021! Def something that’ll make you laugh!

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