Big Hitta – Don’t Ever Stop [Track Write-Up]

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Big Hitta implements the altruistic message in his track titled ‘Don’t Ever Stop‘ with major bass-house, electro, and even garage sounds from the UK. This originally designed production is an all-exclusive package of memorable lyrics, bass-lines filled with grittiness, and ultimately the 4-on-the-floor drops. Big Hitta sends it to the masses withe relative vibes, easy listening for any crowd, reminding the message is all-expansive and fitting for all but immensely energetic to invigorate the unsuspecting into dance-mode .

This beat thunderously creates the imaginative and atmospheric environment. The feel-goods are in the room, and assuredly put to work. This track exemplifies the very train of thought we are needing in this trying time. Just to add a little fuel to the ongoing fire, Dr. Fresch has made his interest in this track, being one of the early-downloads from Big Hitta. Now that is support!
Keep chugging along folks and ‘Don’t Ever Stop‘.

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