Scafetta – Save Me From Myself [EP Write-Up]

Scafetta Save Me From Myself EP

Please welcome Scafetta back into the storm!

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Taking a journey into what is the mind and sound of Scafetta could not be more on point than it is in his newest EP “Save Me From Myself“. Buffalo native and up and coming dubstep master, Dave Scafetta, delivers three full tracks of relatable EDM loving delight.

Save Me From Myself [3:50]

Starting out with the first of the three track compilation, “Save Me From Myself” spirals any listener into a beautiful and melodic state of sound. The vocals used in this track can only be described as powerful and captivating as they help Scafetta ascend into what is the pure essence of a classic dustep intensity filled drop. This tracks ability to transition from one exciting extreme to another is just one of many examples of Scafetta‘s true artistry as a producer that are evident throughout this entire EP.



Track number two in this compilation, “DEVILSHOLE“, takes you into a darker & more intense vibe from the start. Essentially marching you into this then stronger more upbeat Scafetta vibe. This song plateaus into an insane and almost drilling drop unlike many songs of the same vibe. Finally, switching gears to end on a more soft melodic vibe. 



Appropriately named, “FLIPTHETEMPO“, the final track in this series does exactly that. This wobbly starting sound leads you into a more mid tempo base line before killing it with what can only be referred to by now as an insane Scafetta surprise.

Scafetta‘s artistry and true talent is widely evident through out this entire EP, from his diverse rang and ability in the production world to the beautiful stories told through his unique sound. This up and coming dubstep producer is most definitely one to watch out for, as he is clearly here to stick around!

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