X-cile. Dubstep x Metal. A New Wave Of Headbang

Please welcome X-cile to the storm!

Q1: Welcome to the storm! We are stoked to have you with us! Can you deep-dive into who is X-cile? Where did this all begin?

A1: Thanks for having me first of all, I’m very excited be interviewed by Monsoon Season. As for my beginnings, when I started out in music I was really into metal. I played drums in middle school band and I played drums in high school in a few metal bands in Southern California. After a while though I switched to vocals because I loved the impact of some of favorite vocalists at the time like Johnathan Virgil from The Ghost Inside, Jesse Barnett from stick to your guns, Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember and Brendan Murphy from Counterparts. They used their voice to make an impact on all of these kids and that really inspired me. When I went to EDC in 2010 and experienced the rave scene for the first time I fell in love . I started to dabble with DJing and production but never took it seriously until I came to Sacramento a few years ago. I started X-cile because at the time I was in exile, for sure. When I discovered Sullivan King that like was another revelation that metal and EDM could be combined. That really blew me away.

Q2: Who have been your biggest inspirations thus far in your career?

A2: Definitely Sullivan King, Marshmello, Skrillex, PhaseOne , Excision, Slander, NGHTMRE and Kayzo. I also really love deadmau5, REZZ, Infected Mushroom and Seven Lions.

Q3: What sort of advice would you give to someone who wants to be in your shoes?

A3: Honestly, never stop believing in yourself and your ability. One big thing i feel like alot of us beat up ourselves over is the comparing of some of our favorite artists who release banger after banger. It can be demoralizing but we just have to remember that they started out somewhere too. They busted ass to get to where they are and we should should use that as a drive to continue. Djing and production is a constant learning experience and they both need dedication but if you really want it just take it.

Q4: Eating and or drinking before a set? Yay or nay?

A4: I always try to at least have something in my stomach. I get irritated if i don’t so i always try. I always have a gallon of water and some tea. Water and tea are life.

Q5: What is the ideal 2025 looking like for you? Walk us through your utopia year in five years.

A5: I would like to hopefully tour the world by then. I was planning a little tour this year but COVID definitely screwed that one up. Hopefully if next year is looking better for everyone in regards to COVID, I definitely want to tour.

Q6: Who is in your collaborations scope? Anything you can sneak or leak?

A6: I have a few collabs for my upcoming album called “The Difference Between Heaven And Hell“. I have a collab with my buddy and Wobble Inc. artist and collective partner Oldd English and another with my buddy from Sri Lanka named Oziriz

Q7: Being a resident to California must be exciting and refreshing at times. Although one-of-a-kind, in regards to music, what advantages have you seen from The Golden State?

A7: I love California. I used to live in LA and was involved with the scene down there and now here in Sacramento. I love that it has the small town vibe while still being our state capital. The music and scene out here is really good.

Q8: Let us talk a bit about your cloudBURST guest mix. What sort of creative process did you call upon for doing this project for us?

A8: I definitely had a lot of my favorite artists on that one as well as all of my tracks i have released.

Q9: What can we expect next in the realm of X-cile? What’s next?

A9: I have my weekly radio show Headbang TIll Your Dead Radio Sundays from 8pm to 10pm. I also am currently working on my debut album which will be out next year hopefully by the summer. If COVID is under control by then I will definitely be touring by then. I have 2 more singles releasing over the next few months when I am really excited for.

Q10: Who do you see killing and slaying it lately? Give them a shout-out!

A10: Definitely all of my hard working people in my Wobble Inc crew which is Oldd English, DJ Nicc, BRKNDRMR, Dlnqnt, DJ Skinny, Glass, Lotus and Jester. Also definitely check out my buddy Oziriz from Sri Lanka, and my buddy from Sacramento who does some really sick house sets whose name is Delodaze.

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