Hot Out The Oven Records – Escape The Madness: Baked Dozen Album 2

Hot Out The Oven Records has been preheating their oven for sometime now! We can all gather and enjoy this plethora of pastries. It’s hot, it’s fresh, it’s here; so come and get it! We get the entire muffin-tin of tunes today with Escape The Madness: Baked Dozen Album 2!

Sounds you can snack on by:

Gizmø / Gratum / JADIP / James Gary /
Lazy K / Little Fohx / LovelyBones / Milazzo
/ Ron Austin / Saratonin / Tek Savvy / Zkosta


Track Taste Tests:

Gizmø Still Getting It

A very soft and melodically driven intro quickly ascends into a build up of nostalgic proportions. The complete package is set on your doorstep for your pleasure. Using a familiar sample, the connection sparks a fire of memories to be reminisced. Switch! Not a single dull moment with this well-designed bass-music anthem. This wildly innovative and experimentally energetic track is definitely one to hit repeat a couple times on. Gizmø still gets it, and assuredly goes off.

GratumWhat We Telling Them

Right off the bat we are on our feet, succumbing to the power of Gratum‘s upbeat bass track. Inspired by club-life in England where he was first exposed to UK styles of music. Hips shaking, hands in the air, this one is a dance-floor attention grabber. As the energy re-situates itself through the middle, it quickly brings itself back with extra flare. What we are telling you, is that this is fire. His trip to Club Fabric was a worthy investment as he displays it deftly through these inspirations .

Earth ft. Amplekti

Take a trip into the ever-surprising unknown with us as JADIP rushes over with Earth ft Amplekti. The track starts very ominously and works it’s way into a total nighttime necessity. This incremental build up and soft-release keeps you going. Absolutely surprising, yet tantalizingly addictive. It’s definitely a dessert before dinner kind-of-track. Get ready to be immersed in sensory salaciousness.

James Gary – Talk To Me

When you start tracks off with immediate energy we know that it always turns out for the best. James Gary utilizes all tools to pluck the strings of your heart. This track is an absolute nod to your emotional dancer inside. Summer vibes, windows down, all to keep us warm as we meander into the cooler seasons and warmer colors. The second half of this track maintains the energy and drive as we are let down from this cloud.

Lazy K
Glock On My Hip

Was your initial response to chuckle in sheer happiness? Ours too! This is a slapper. An immensely creative and imaginative way to incorporate several soundscapes with minimal sample usage. When they say simplicity is more, this is an exemplification of that exact saying. The layering of multiple consonant measures concludes this one as a ‘must hear again’. Mic drop; encore!

Little Fohx
Out Of My Mind ft. Zoe Zobrist

Allow yourself the time to pick your jaw up off the ground… what did we just listen to? This warm and largely inviting track necessitates your to turn the volume all the way and sing along at full-blast. Little Fohx administers the captivating production of the year featuring the enthralling vocals of Zoe Zobrist. A monumentally well-designed and delivered track. Pardon us, we want to listen again!


The two bosses of bones are back with (yet again) another delightful dance-hit. These audio-aliens sure know how to morph into their upbeat basshouse selves in no time. The reassuring MMHMM! will get you up on your feet in and in hip-shaking mode. If you aren’t in total awe from the complexity, and pure nostalgia from the 80’s dancefloor samples and scratchy drops, then by all means do the lovely leisure of keep listening because it’s about to get wild, MMHMM! WILD!

Lemme Tell Ya

Exploding with diversity and distinctive uniqueness to the rest of the album, this track sets itself apart. Lemme Tell Ya is a fun and upbeat journey. I particularly like that imaginative sound found at 1:46. It really adds the electrifying jostle for you to jump! Then of course 2:45 blows this track sky-high. Let me tell you, this is a fire development from Milazzo.

Ron Austin
Not OK But It’s OK

Ron Austin, bring it up a couple (if not a sh*tload) of notches with this more-than-OK track. Soaring into the upper-echelon of tracks I’ve heard this half of the year. Dance-forward, night-friendly, and dark sunglasses needed. Total vibes on this one. Sitting at almost five minutes we were delighted to know we had a great track to dedicate our rump shaking to. This last half, is well worth the wait. Can you keep up?

Gimme Da Chocolate

Low and chill vibes are what this track exemplifies initially and then all wonk breaks loose. Saratonin hands over the feel-goods with Gimme Da Chocolate. Sink into your seat and melt away like oozy molten chocolate and liquefy with lust. Such fun and salacious vibes with Saratonin‘s sweet soundscapes and incredible structure build. Just like any good chocolate, it’s here for a good time, not a long time, this track is here for a delectable moment and vanishes leaving a smile.

Tek Savvy
Mescaline In Vegas

Welcome to an oasis of what can only described as an enthusiastic environment of thought and aural adventure. This viscerally designed track is an ambient and mindful delivery of sound. Leaving you breathless and ready for an encore. The atmospheric flow and airy vibes are assuredly something to focus in on as Tek Savvy takes us to the Sin City. This immersing tune will transcend you to Vegas, no questions asked.

– Focus ft. Elon Degenerate

We know this album list was built in ABC order but I fervently stand by saying – ‘saving the best for last’ in regard to Focus. What a jam, from front to back this is seriously a top-tier tech track. Zkosta adding the feature from Elon Degenerate really contextualized the track into a cohesive marriage of the two artists at hand as equal supplements and compliments. Leaving us highly impressed, burning rubber, and itching for another listen. Ope, look the repeat button is ready. SMASH!

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Written by: Garth Jones

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