MARGWA – Dreamer: Brainsick Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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[Atlanta/Denver-based] Brainsick Records unwraps an early holiday gift this year to their listeners and our readers with the release of MARGWA‘s ‘Dreamer‘. Bursting with immense nostalgia as it allows you to drift away and revisit those classic bass-music sounds but with a severe dose of MARGWA‘s contemporary and versatile selection of sound designs and soundscapes.

We enter the world of MARGWA in a fashion unprecedented to what we are accustomed to. The track holds a groundbreaking-grab of your attention. Instantly at the first drop you know this is one for the books. The woodwind soundscapes are utterly captivating, infused with the bass-forward approach to the track, and we have wonky creation for the masses. MARGWA’s ‘Dreamer’ is keeping us up; so we can zone and daydream of the next release from this producer.

[Listen to Dreamer]

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