PYRE Records. The Incoming Heat Wave Of Untapped Talent

Q1: Welcome! Where did the Pyre project derive and manifest from? Take us back to the beginning in regards to the decision to make a music catalog/label, and down to the name; Pyre!

A1: Pyre Records is a record label, entertainment hub, audio product review channel, and now after our most recent adventure; a travel vlog channel, that is derived from the ember of my soul that was all I had left when I had to give up everything I had known for over 2 decades once before; I moved away from where I used to live to a place I knew nobody and all I had left was a dream. I wanted to create a platform that could be beneficial to both the artists and the community by creating entertaining videos, original music, and a really talented bunch of artists who got a spotlight from my platform. Pyre is an ember that burns bright in the darkest times, and is the fire within that speaks from us all, and I hope everyone finds that Pyre within themselves!

Q2: Who has been the biggest inspiration in your journey thus far? What is the driving force?

A2: Honestly my biggest inspirations are not other people, I really try and do my own unique thing as much as humanly possible. But I would say if I had to pick other labels who inspires me musically it would be the likes of Barong Family, NSD Black Label, my homie Jarron’s label Deathstar Cult, and honestly the new label from Excision called Subsidia is really cool; but really I see Pyre as something super unique with all the other things we do outside of music! Our first travel vlog we created is now out on YouTube, we reviewed 2 pairs of headphones that cost 10,000 dollars, and 2,000 dollars respectively, as well as many other amazing things! No other label usually focuses on anything outside of music, so I feel what we have is extremely unique!

Q3: Describe your utmost favorite moment or memory in the realm of Pyre?

A3: My favorite moment is when Akronym ran out of the Aria Las Vegas hotel bedroom into the living room and had a bathrobe on, and opened the robe to reveal a peach crown royal bag hanging from his nether region. Go to my “Most Expensive Vegas Hotels” vlog and go to 57:40. I was straight crying over that! Honestly that man made me laugh so hard throughout the entire trip! Aside from that, I think playing original music on top of some of the most amazing hotels in the entire world with those views is truly something that cannot be simply just “bought” as everything that we have done is honestly a large effort as a whole to create the environments you see!

Q4: What do you have in store for the rest of 2020 and or into 2021?

A4: Pyre Records has a new social media platform coming to the world within the next few months called “PYRE” where we will be giving EVERYONE a chance to be seen, stopping the negative algorithms from continuing to destroy the music industry!! We will also do giveaway contests which we are running a contest via the app to give away 2 pairs of headphones just to simply support the artist! We also have another vlog from New York coming on Christmas as well as more videos.

Q5: Any sort of tricks or tips can you relay to the aspiring music aficionados?

A5: Do not ever give up, properly promote your music because I am sorry your local friends and fam can only do so much for you to a very large degree, most importantly FOCUS ON YOUR CRAFT! Partying is not gonna make you a better producer or artist, many people get sucked into the party lifestyle and don’t actually have any real content, but are stuck in the illusion that are successful because they are surrounded by people who make them feel they are. Get away from the things holding you back and focus on your art! I spent a minimum of 4 hours a day, and on long days I’m putting in 16 hours! Also, DO EVERYTHING YOURSELF! Unless you’ve got a lot of money you need to learn how to use all this software to make all your graphics, video edit, and music because nobody is gonna help you for free, and even if you do pay them you may not get your vision. Its hard this way but it will give you the actual results you are looking for more than likely and things are done on your time! 

Q6: What is your favorite and least favorite part about the day-to-day in terms of orchestrating and activities involved in your trade as a music label?

A6: My favorite thing about this is seeing my finished product and knowing how much work I have put into this and seeing my channel as well as my artists grow!! I would also say there is some truly magical moments with some of then people I’ve been involved with!! I would say my least favorite part is that this is a mostly thankless and lonely journey, I literally give up everything else just to do this including any personal interests outside of music.. Every Holiday is a video, every “special day” is a day to create content, and anything regarding this music is a far cry from a guarantee that anyone is even gonna care about what you’ve done. Its constant work and to be quite honest it isn’t for everyone, you have to have the work ethic of a horse to manage such a large scale operation; and a thing to understand is EVERY Release has artwork, cover photo, promotion campaign, and much more.. Its so much work that you have to do in order to even be seen as something sustainable and worthwhile to other people.

Q7: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them some love and a shout-out below

A7: The boi Akronym is seriously underrated and motivates me to work harder and be better as a producer!! He’s insane. Also the boi Jotunn Dubs for being one of my closest homies and another very talented artist whom is crushing it in my opinion! Also the homie Cazzuto is a legend he was my transportation in Vegas and his music is truly dope as well! He’s way underappreciated and his new music that’s currently unreleased forthcoming on the label is fire! I would also like to give Rebecca Rocklynn a shout out for being one of the first artists to premier on “PYRE Radio” which is our radio show featuring lots of different artists! I would also like to give my boi Garth here a shout-out! Thank you for this interview!

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