Sytrux + Akame – Lost (OK. Kevin Remix) [Remix Write-Up]

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OK. Kevin is proud to release his wildly upbeat and versatile rendition of Lost on AY YO TRIP Records just a day ago and oh boy, oh boy. Where to start…?
With the recent release of Ohio as well as Germany-based artists, Sytrux & Akame’s ‘Lost’ Remixes EP (which is stacked) the light on this EP is undeniably bright at the moment, although this light is coming from a different place, it’s coming from North Carolina’s OK. Kevin and it is f**king blindingly luminous. Snow-blind bright… Grab your shades.
With every herd, there is one that strays, one that veers off on to new expeditions. To some this is considered lost, and contrarily some would consider them found. This ultra-traverse variation contextualizes the very essence of trap music remixes.  Reconnoitering what was once lost.

Whether the difference be, OK. Kevin did us all proud with Sytrux & Akame’s Lost as his newest means of musical adventure as a remix. Bringing in more than just an OK. style and rendition.
Earlier this year we covered his and Lotis‘s enthralling collaborative works, Tension; and by golly it was a full-force mid-tempo fissure of energy. So as a juxtaposition of the two is a clear difference of the style delivered on both examples. This rendition isn’t your usual voyage from OK. Kevin, he arguably meanders away from his prominent production to deliver an exploratory remix of the autumn-season. This fall-time trap anthem will assuredly keep your on your feet and your elbows up. OK. Kevin is not done with 2020 and is a surefire bright talent to look out for in 2021.

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