Track Review: Say Word – Crying Out. Top-Knotch Delivery Of A Hybrid-Trap Anthem


Say Word is hollering-out once again with a track that is out-of-this world! I can’t help but admire this song a dash more than other tracks of the week because it was featured in his opening cloudBURST Guest Mix in August! What a great and exemplifying mix of representing his skills.
The track is a firestorm of hybrid-trap, and dubstep going in his arsenal. Going forward Say Word will have the crowd crying out constantly and consistently.

Only Say Word could develop such an amazing introductory with the vocals blaring:

Can’t help it been crying out for days I’m lonely, come hold me”
“I miss you”

This original is a keep-you-going, elbows up, and just pure anarchy in your living room. Move some furniture because it’s about to get rowdy right now.
The samples are incredible in the middle of this maddening musicality! As they take you into the creative mindset of Say Word‘s arsenal of samples. The random yet impacting and useful approach to them work amazingly well!
The back end of the track is an elevation of the aforementioned beginning. His fusion in between the likes of hybrid-trap and dubstep are jaw-dropping, keeping this on the top of your playlist this fall.

This Track Is 100% Monsoon Season Approved

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