Biophaze Records Presents: Free Halloween Compilation [32 Track Review]

Biophaze Records: Free Halloween Compilation 


Biophaze Records Compilation
32 tracks total
Genre Range: Experimental, Dubstep, Riddim, Tearout & Hybrid 

After setting off into the 2 hour experience that is this newest Biophaze Compilation, I finished and realized that I had added 21 of these tracks to my own personal playlist for future listening. I am super impressed with this. The last time I heard a compilation that was this exciting from start through to finish I was 16 and listening to the Warped Tour 2007 Compilation Album. At the moment of typing this, I have listened to the compilation a total of four times and have hit skip maybe a total of 5 or 6 times total. 
This horror and Halloween-themed release focus is clearly set on the nihilistic portion of the riddim influenced dubstep scene.
Dark, downright evil, seductive and addicting are all appropriate words to describe this visceral listening experience. Prepare yourself for a journey into horror.

– Highlights – 

ATR3US & Arzah Shio Kobe – These two don’t give it too long before laying down the ecentric soundscapes and playful wobbles in this track. The hilarious sample usage is an effortless display of cohesive comedic relief in the heaviness. You cant tell this was a fun collaborative effort from the two. The heavy hits and adolescent sounds give off one hell of a combo.

AwpSnax – DEFECT – The description is a very expansive sound-delivery whilst it is given right away in this original. A cinematic and theatrical adventure that soon sheds blood and auditory tyranny. This track tears the roof open and takes everyone hostage. What a powerful contrast and sustainable energy through and through the track. Give everyone in the room a piece of paper and pen. Take notes. We have a lesson to learn.

Fout – Odd Mind – Throw your hood up and some shades because this track is all feels when it comes to feeling on top of the world. Just undeniable hits that prove to be a great display of skill. The contrast fro the keys and piano-esque style of melody and quickly bouncing into a state of devastation. Huge build ups that evolve into snappy bass lines. F**king heavy.

KNIBL – Carlos Is Missing – A glitchy and futuristic sound to this intro prepares the listener for this one of a kind track. Starting off slower then steadily scaling up to a very distinct future-riddim Vibe. The artistry exhibited by KNIBL consistently throughout this entire song is quite incredible and guaranteed to please any lover of the more modern and forthcoming styles of Riddim. 

KINETIC – Freak (VIP) – Definitely can enjoy the mixture of both prominent rap music with riddim. Some try and don’t get but two feet off the ground. Kinetic definitely hits this one out of the park with this wildly fun riddim anthem. Given it’s a VIP we can assume the original was a total success. Eek! I want to find it. Let’s go!

Flukeshot – Body Break – Hell to the yes, this is every basshead’s dream track. Unique and hollow-sounding bass always proves to reign supreme. Then you speed it up, add fire samples, and get wildly creative, this is the result. Keep this maniacal music in your radar and on your playlists. We know we are. Definitely impressed.

Subliminal – Trust Me – Starting off dark and also mysterious, “Trust me” allows the listener to be drawn in almost instantaneously to this spooky Riddim Halloween vibe. This track then quickly ascends through a very distinct and flawless scale, bringing increasing intensity and an exemplary drop as it flows. The precisely mastered sound in this track is perfectly maintained throughout. Subliminal’s artistry in this song is sure to be any dubstep/riddim lover’s delight. .

Tritxn & Elders – Hungarian Flow – Such an incredible soundscape for a beginning. This scratchy and technological outpour of wonk is assuredly a bass-head anthem. Your body just takes over, instantly knowing instinctively what to do. Get the f**k down. Oof, here comes round two! BLEEP!

Zoned Out – It’s Back – Easily one of the more attractive sounds for Garth (a writer). This one is a must-hear for the desperate neck-breaker. The archaic sounds and samples lead you towards the backyard. Call the f**king cops. Let this rush over you, taking control, fiercely, and heavily HEAD BANG!

Rvbbish – Delusion Orb – Low and steady vibes set the pace for this spooky track. Starting out by introducing the listener to a creeping, “The Ring” like grudge, that ascends into a cleanly sliced and precisely timed Poly-Riddim drop. Diving into the second half, the increasing intensity and energy of this track is sure to please any Riddim loving enthusiast. Rvbbish does an exceptional job captivating the listener and dragging you directly into his delusional orb of Riddim delight.

EZ DUZ ITUntitled – There is nothing easy about this track aside from pressing the repeat button. This experimental track is wickedly exploratory and an intrepid one. Taking you on the transcendence-ride of your life, filled with wonky twist and turns, although super flowy in structure. Assuredly reminding us that music is boundless and infinite in possibility. This dauntless dub track get our stamp of approval.

Poklypz Vs Gerald Dubs – SGPOI – This tracks hold a certain value of authority and demand with the bars being let down by the contorted rap flow delivered in the beginning. Quickly and swiftly, pushing through to the end. What a powerful and energetic variation on a wobbly experimental track. Get lost with this one

Rob Boss – Flag Gang – Rob Boss’s artistry and ability to capture the pure essence of what is Riddim is widely evident from the start in this track. A wailing siren like sound quickly catches the listeners attention. The vibe then quickly jumps to a very swanky and authentic Riddim based drop. Maintaining that vibe throughout, Flang Gang is an ideal choice for anyone interested in the more distinct and unique sounds found within the dubstep sub genres

LordBot – Randomized – The not so evident voices in the intro catch you off guard as this tack explodes on the scene, full-swinging. This is new take on some riddim-esque sounds. Sirens add the perfect contrast away from the loop. Whomever Lordbot is, can take you to new places with this ‘bots’ display of electronic manipulation. I seriously dig how it sounds like a ferociously rabid pin-ball machine. Insatiably ready for a score! Serious heat getting pushed on this one.

Osmodeus YUNOI – The intro is pure ascension and captivating with the stompy build up and just a total meltdown. Serious sounds getting fired at will. If there was ray-guns and super futuristic utensils of the future, it would sound like this. Well designed and brought together to a surefire wildride to the top! That second drop has warning written all over it, F**K! Mental, to say the least.

Subzone – Pressure – An upbeat and fast paced intro accompanied with additional intensity building sounds marches the listener directly intune with this track. “Pressure” then drops into a heavy DNB like drop as it continues to pick up the pace for the first half. Subzone does an impeccable transition and restart in the second half of this song, closing it out with an almost sombering yet very distinctive outro. This is one track sure to leave any EDM lover and enthusiast waiting to hear more. 
Now, I find it funny this ended up being one of the last tracks we reviewed and it’s one of the best. This DnB inspired iteration on production is what 2020 needs. Huge force behind this one. The builds are wild, and gives the voluminous track the extra compounding recognition it deserves. Big big!

Trippy Dubs – Mortal Insects – This a total rapscallion of a riddim track. Exploding with bass as it take you from here to there in no time. This pushy, spunky, and gutsy track from Trippy Dubs makes me understand the name choice to both the artist and the track. This one will no doubt 100% take you to where you want to go, imaginatively.

SWRV – Hammerdown – SWRV drives us into the world of infinity with this one! Such a monstrous track with huge twists and turns. Using major samples and extra catchy sounds to help administer the auditory assault that is SWRV. The subtle and escalating intro of this track allows the listener to fully engage in its sound. The song then escalates into a very fierce dubstep drop which is maintained throughout.  Appropriately named, the eerie and captivating sound of Hammerdown is ideal for anyone seeking those intense and deep dubstep vibes.That last drop though, f**k!

Aruka – WAP – Birds chirping and other uplifting sounds introduce the listener to an engaging and melodic arpeggio. These vibes build into a quickly increasing energy that crescendos into an unexpected future-riddim drop that truly takes the mind to a new realm of possibilities. Taking things to a new vibe for the second half of the track, vibes I would compare to G-Jones and Eprom the 1st bridge and glitched 2nd drop quickly shift into a sound that could only be experienced is delivered by Aruka. This futuristic and forward thinking color-bass track is sure to please any lover of the more experimental genres.

Zaita – Synco Space – Wonky and heavily syncopated futuristic-jazz song. Multiple rhythms and patterns make for a difficult song to “count” but the pocket is worked so brilliantly that a groove emerges quickly and can be felt in such a way that the track is easy to dance along to and is fresh and enjoyable. Multiple listens reveal a unique experience each time.

BvssFlux Talk Shit- Middle eastern vibes that flow into a futuristic-riddim inspired drop. The most interesting thing about the track is the way the track has been mastered to bring space and attention to the high end. There is an incredibly unique usage of headroom in this song that allows for a new type of listening experience in the heavy bass music scene. In a world where walls of sound reign king BvssFlux has presented a dynamic and addictive journey through the potential of sound. BvssFlux just kicked down the door to the inner sanctuary of the new ‘color-bass’ sound.

Element118Pixel -Excellently executed vocal chops are oddly nostalgic. Early Skrillex vibes on the chops… Unpredictable yet headbang-able first drop with a fresh hybrid feel and groove. Powerful chords that move the emotions in the 1st bridge and 2nd build set up the huge hybrid Trap second drop. The focus of this track is on the overall experience rather than just a “dope drop” the track is an experience as a whole that leaves the listener hungry for more.

LAEM – Power of Death – Deep, dark and powerful. The riddim influence in this track is distinct and apparent. The simplicity on the structure and pattern level opens the door for this top tier sound design to truly shine. The skill set of the producer is showcased in an impressive manner. Every moment holds onto the listener’s attention.

Hexadrone – Resistance – It’s hard to describe what really draws us into this track so we’ll do our best. Utterly mental for starters, just hooked from the get-go! This ‘whoop’ heavy riddim track is a dancefloor demolisher.

Gairn – Stentorian – The wind up from the beginning sound to a quick and destructive drop. This one carries a magnitude of power. The restart-sounds it loops with perfect hits are layered effortlessly. Definitely a keeper for this one on all platforms. Liked, reposed, shared.

4Dubz – Warcraft – This a wonder of weaponry and wobbles! Shifting and shaking with bass, we can see this one speeding up and laying in some serious madness. Ope, s**t what do you know! Extra spicy with the added installation of organ-like soundscapes and structured builds. These scary samples too, oof!

PROJECT GHOST Something – Incorporating elements from a multitude of different dubstep sub-genres. The track unfolds into a flowy and bouncy dance-ibility Interesting foley work in the pre-drop taps into a nostalgic era of Disposable Film Cameras. This lends itself to the reminiscent vibe of early dubstep with a fresh take on the sound design.

HAVBET – FreaksHAVBET lays in some delectable sound design in this riddim-rapscallion original. Allow yourself to wipe the sweat from your forehead because it’s about to get even heavier. This track really pounds the soul and inspires the neck to get to breaking. We can see many more bangers from this producer in the near future.

Zeydax – Spookz – Totally unique approach at the riddim sub genre. The familiar pattern and flow we have all come to expect and love is set off into a new dimension. The set up into the first drop is haunting from the very first sound. An apocalyptic vibe spins itself together into a neat little package that unfolds into a monstrous riddim. The way attention is drawn upwards into the higher register with color-bass type presence and harmonics is truly spectacular and unique.

Rage-Bot – Coward – This track showcases the massive progression Rage-Bot has shown in the last year. A delicate balance of dynamics and loudness playfully tease the senses. A punchy and clean low end perfectly complement a wet and vocal mid-range synth with a hyper flow. Any DJ looking to prolong the peak of a set energetically should find great usage of this epic track. Coward rides the apex of energy all the way from start to finish.

Joadubz Sewer Bass – An appropriate title for this monstrous track. The track is grimy and metallic and down right nasty. Massive sounds struggle violently against the space provided and pressure builds appropriately through out the entire track. This track isnt about giant open spaces and dynamics. It is a visceral and aggressive blow delivered through the speakers. low mids and subbass take to forefront. A short but effective second build sets up for a more rhythmically complex hybrid trap/riddim combination of syncopated madness as the track is given space to move within a tight and breathtaking call and response. 

GrotBug Fight– One of the more impressive riddim tracks in the compilation sticks to the good ol’ kick and clap we all love. Sound design switch ups and a semi melodic nature of the main synth give this track massive potential for double drops and riddim chops. I expect to hear this track mixed into a lot of forthcoming riddim sets. Topped off with an eerie vocal sample referencing the power of the underground this is a must hear for any dub lover. 

Biophaze Records

Needless to say, this whole amalgamation of tracks is utterly impressive. Each artist delivered their unique and unprecedented sounds on a profoundly stadium-sized platform for the masses to enjoy. The differences and similarities is what bound this whole 32-piece orchestral pool of talented artists together as a cohesive and consonant compilation.


Written by: Travis Bisbee, Krystle Skyye and Garth Jones

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