LovelyBones Takeover: Demented [Track-Review]

Day-6 of the LovelyBones Takeover Week we call unto the extraterrestrial-beings; LovelyBones to dissect the deranged track; DEMENTED! This is the track used in the flagship promo-video we shared on our platforms to announce the takeover, so some of you may have had a taste of the crazed beat provided by our friendly ‘bonehead’ overlords. If not, do not fret, for we are going to put our lunatic two-cents in on the already bonkers masterpiece.
The ominous vibes kick off strong with unhinged proportions, as the riffs of electrically-charged waves bring you into the lyrical beginning of Demented. The signature-sentient duo achieve a perfect abduction-and-fly away sound to enter you into their realm of stark sounds.

LovelyBones – Demented

The lyrics are the only humane evidence you have of your own kind as the Demented track continues on, with-or-without you. Right at [0:50] you are taken way, far away, high away from your present location, scooped up, and reinvented to their android-liking. What a ride this will be.
Back on Earth, life has progressed without you. Everyone has aged, everyone has moved on…

Someone asks:
‘What’s your name?’

Then this track snaps you out of that reality back into the Mothership of theirs and you have come to the realization it was a simulation. This is getting scarier, madder, and even more Demented than originally thought. This is a mental invasion. The track shifts completely and in complexity at the half-point and slows down, getting more and more progressively wonky with each twist and turn.

…This is LovelyBones…

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