LovelyBones Takeover Week: Greetings [Track Write-Up]

LovelyBones – Greetings
Glockwork Records

Day-Two of the LovelyBones Takeover Week focuses in with a review and write-up of their suspenseful original, Greetings. This track is the salutation of their soundscape, sitting at 2:46, this time-warp tune will be on repeat here in the storm. The crazed duo, LovelyBones, pierces the skies, and descend upon us from our fragile atmospheres to simply say hello, to say Greetings. Their auditory alien call to us. Just dropping roughly a month ago, this Glockwork Records release is a surefire exploratory and cosmic dubstep track to analyze. This is… Greetings.

The track immediately is an attention grabbing, eclectic, and upbeat with build ups with what sounds to be chants from miniature little alien voices, getting sharper, more distinct… ‘Greetings‘. This track creates a image and experience in your head as if you are being exposed to a new life-form with some earth-like similarities. High pitch, deeper, and assuredly the utmost ominous delivery of bass. Wonky wobbles, insane hits, and the most imaginative sample usage to collectively create a privet production.

Switch-up time, this is utterly the mind-melting paradigm you would imagine an abduction would result in. Manipulation, brainwashing, and experimental-surgery all in one. This original is the hellacious-hello from the otherworldly kinds and of course is a mind-f**k. The second wave of bass, wobbles, and immense wonk solidifies this track as another must-hear from LovelyBones.



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