PRPL – Hive Mind [Track Write-Up]

Hive Mind, Brainwash, Follow Us, Repeat…

Would this Halloween Season be remotely festive without a fearsome horror themed anthem? Not even close. Luckily the mastermind, PRPL delivers a electro-infused bass-forward track to administer the auditory assault early. With expansive and crushing bass-lines and build ups to electrocute your inner core. The looping chant of brainwashing abilities to succumb to the Hive Mind is super prominent and reminds you that this track is themed-to-the-core for this spooky PRPL season.
PRPL’s solidified style in 80’s horror that blends cohesively with his fascinating, captivating and pulsating contemporary electro serves up all the justice needed to keep this one on repeat.
PRPL‘s exploratory vibe he accomplishes with Hive Mind is a salacious installation into the catalog of his already monuMENTAL tunes. Now, what and when can we expect more from the likes of this dark, deep, and nostalgic artist in the near future? Until then…

Only the Hive Mind knows.
Hive Mind, Brainwash, Follow Us, Repeat…

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