Substance D Headlines: Nightmare Before Christmas. Halloween Party, 10/31 Colorado Springs, CO.


As we get closer to the much-anticipated Halloween weekend, we are seeing more and more shows pop up. All things Halloween, this one will shake The Springs! With a heavy-local lineup sure to scare your socks off, look no further!
Substance D, a Colorado Springs resident and rising bass-music DJ/producer is set to headline The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Party along side supporting artists Catalyst, Dr. Zeus, Grinz, Kruger & Quinn, plus more.
Just to add incentive to creativity, they are giving away a decent stack of cash to the winners of the ‘Pumpkin King & Queen’, as well as ‘Best Beast‘.

Z3 Presents: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Tickets/Event Page:
Location: HERE

Substance D
Catalyst / Dr. Zeus, / Grinz / Kruger & Quinn
Manifest Destiny / Space Pharaoh / Shasta Peri

Costume Contest Details:
$100 – ‘Pumpkin King & Queen‘ Costume
$50 – ‘Best Beast‘ Costume


Substance D

Q1: For the new fans and readers, what can you touch on in regards to who Substance D is?

A1: Who is Substance D? Well that’s a pretty good question to start off the interview with. I guess I could say I’m the DJ/entertainer who is just trying to give back to his community and music scene one show at a time…

Q2: Being a local, a Colorado Springs resident, you have probably played numerous venues. Have you played this one? If not or so, what are you expecting?

A2: Oh yea I have been DJing in the Colorado Springs-EDM scene for over ten years and have played at pretty much every place that has a sound system. Yes I have played at the Jazz Funk before a couple of months ago for my friends birthday and I just love the small town vibes that it has to offer. It may not be a big Denver club but it has a lot to offer when it comes to connecting with the community.

Q3: Does Halloween summons a whole new being when you DJ?

A3: Ayyy not really, I mean I try to stick with the theme of the event/show when I’m putting my set lists together but all in all you never really know what kind of set I will prepare. Every set I prepare for shows is different. 

Q4: In regards to music, what can your fans anticipate from this set that is different from other Substance D sets?

A4: Well being how I like to mix a multitude of genres in my sets the only real thing that I think the audience can anticipate from me that they are gonna get one hella of a set that is filled with lots of energy and bass-heavy vibes. 

What other shows can we expect to divulge on in the near future from Substance D? Plug them!

A5: After this Halloween show I have two more shows that I will be apart of. The first one is “Live In The Moment” which is a private VIP birthday party that is gonna be nuts and I’m super excited to be on the line up and the second event is one that me and a group of friends have put together called “Mask Up” which will be on Black Friday this year. This is probably gonna be my biggest event this year just because my brand “Professional HeadBangerz” along with Z3 are putting it on so there is a lot riding on that show..

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