Kyree. The Bay Area, Californian Producer With Worldwide Vision

Kyle Estabillo or as the west coast knows him best as, is Kyree. Establishing himself early as a musician in his local area, this gent knew he had to dive deep to flourish in the EDM scene. Inspired buy the greatest, this producer is using the road ahead with due diligence and justice to create new walkways. Without further ado…
Please welcome Kyree to the storm!

Q1: Welcome to our ever-growing storm! Can you introduce yourself to our readers and your soon-to-be fans? Walk us through the shoes of Kyree?

A1:  What’s up y’all, thanks for having me! Believe it or not, I actually started off as a rapper before I even thought about pursuing DJing. I would make songs with my friends who could sing and then eventually I realized that I didn’t have the voice to be a rapper, but I did have the song writing skills. I continued to song write for my other friends who were aspiring artists for a couple of years and then one day, my close friend Matthew came up to me and said, “Kyle, you HAVE to go to a rave with me.” At the time, EDM wasn’t a genre of music to my interest, but I finally gave in and went with him to see Jauz in 2017. I remember right outside the doors when we were waiting in line I told Matthew, “I hope you know this is my first and last rave,” and he just laughed and said, “We’ll see about that.” As soon as we entered those doors, I was a whole different person. The amazing production of the stage, the crazy lights and lasers, the 4 on the floor beats, and the energy the crowd gave off, I fell in love with all of it. At the end of the night I looked at Matthew and said, “When is the next one?!” I loved this new scene so much I began collecting all of the songs that had the drops I liked and would play them on repeat. Eventually, I got tired of shuffling songs, so I decided to make my own mixes of EDM. My dad bought a pair of controllers he rarely used, so I took advantage of that and taught myself how to DJ. I would show these mixes I made to my friends and they all loved it. I actually used the name “Kyree” cause when I used to play a lot of basketball with my brother’s friends they would compare me to the NBA player Kyrie Irving. And that’s how Kyree was born.

Q2: What musical genre are you primarily working with right now?

A2: I mostly get my inspirations from house, dubstep, hardcore, speed house, hard trap, pretty much any song with a flithy drop. But lately, I have been listening to a lot of Night Bass, AC Slater’s record label, so I have been creating my own take on UK bass house.

Q3: How have you been occupying your 2020 year? Any sort of new ventures we can expect to see in 2021?

A3: 2020 has been a pretty rough year. Right before quarantine I was supposed to play a show in Redwood City, CA and was scheduled to play some fraternity parties in Northern California. I definitely was upset about all of it, but I decided to use the time at home to work on my producing skills, which have been paying off lately. I finally scheduled release dates for a bunch of songs I started making at the beginning of this year, so make sure to keep an eye out for those releases in the next few months/beginning of next year!

Q4: What’s your favorite thing to do after a set? Back to the green room or head to the crowd?

A4: It’s gotta be turning up with the crowd afterwards! I remember my very first show in San Francisco, I played a house set. I was so nervous at first, but once I got in the groove of things, it was hella fun. After my set, everyone came up to me and told me how great of a set it was and I just loved meeting all those new faces.

Q5: Walk us through the creative process behind Damn Kyree?

What about your more recent track Everybody? I’m sure both have a story to tell!


So “DAMN KYREE!” was my very first take at making a dubstep song. I was still practicing making basses in Serum and I actually accidentally made this growl bass and I was like, “Woahhh this would go hard in a dubstep track.” I threw together a quick dubstep drum pattern and knew exactly what to do with it. At the time, I was making all of these mixes, but I realized I didn’t have a song where the listener knew I made this song. So, I decided to sample my girlfriend and her siblings saying a whole bunch of things like, “Damn Kyree” or shouting, “KYLE!”. I threw it into the track and it worked perfectly. 
With my song “Everybody” it actually started off as a variation in production (VIP) for a song my friend Kieren and I made a while ago called, “Kandiman”. I sent Kieren the drop I made and he goes, “Bro, that drop is so funky you need to make that your own original track.” So I ended up tweaking the vocals and sampling Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s “Nuthin’ But a G Thang” because 1.) I wanted everyone to get that nostalgic feeling of old school West Coast rap in a house song and 2.) I was born and raised in California.

Q6: What has been your experience with festivals in regards to witnessing wild shit? Give us an example of a time you couldn’t believe your eyes!

A6: So there is a Bay Area native that shows up to all the raves out in Northern California and he’s known as the “Sriracha Guy”. What he does is basically goes up on someone’s shoulders and just downs an entire bottle of Sriracha. When my girlfriend and I saw that for the first time at Audiotistic in San Jose, CA we were just like, “Whaaat the fuuck!” It was crazier when Ghastly and JOYRYDE went B2B in Sacramento and actually brought up the Sriracha Guy on stage to do what he does best. Absolutely nuts.

Q7: Who is in your scope as far as collaborations go?

A7: Oh, it would be a dream to work with Ghastly or JOYRYDE. Two of my favorite bass house artists. Ghastly’s basses in his songs and JOYRYDE’s percussion hits are my favorite elements in their music.

Q8: Dream venue/festival? Where and why?

A8: I hope one day I could play a show at Bill Graham in San Francisco, CA. I recently moved to LA hoping to make a name for myself down here, but my heart will always belong to the Bay Area and if I could play a show for my hometown in the same exact venue that got me into EDM, man, that would be a movie.

Q9: Who do you see killing it on the daily? Shout-them out!

A9: Yo, shout out to Eliminate! He was the last show I saw before quarantine and the fact that he started YouTubing/streaming and is so successful with it is amazing. So shout out to Nate!

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