5 DJ/Producer’s Quotes Worth Reading

These five quotes stuck out to us. Assuredly there are much more applicable mentions and better quotes but you have to start somewhere!
We liked these 5 for their value, meaning, and all-around content. Make sure your’e sitting down when you get to number one. It’s… something else!

Take them as you please and decipher them as you may.

5. “From the age of 14 to about 20, I bombarded record companies and DJs with my demos. I was desperate to get it out there. Most of the time, I got nothing back.” – Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos,  Videos

4. “People like me, DJs and producers, have a bigger say and a bigger voice than we’ve ever had before.” – Diplo

Diplo Wears a Hot Cowboy Suit | Vogue

3. “The producers and writers of dance music are becoming the stars, not so much the DJs.” – Kaskade

Kaskade's 20 Best Songs: Critic's Picks | Billboard

2. “I go out pretty much every night, and when you spend time in those clubs, watching how the DJs make their mash-ups to heat up the room, you want to create that sound yourself.” – apl.de.ap (of The Black Eyed Peas)

apl.de.ap - Ethnicity of Celebs | What Nationality Ancestry Race

1. “Basically, I’m one of the greatest producers ever. And I’m also one of the greatest DJs ever. And I’m also one of the best executives ever.” – DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled was not happy when his album went number 2 | The FADER

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