Track Review + Remix Competition: Auselot – Ballistic.

Auselot has redefined his sound recently and it is sounding unbelievable! His new harder approach to music has allowed him to generate a fist-full of raging-good tunes. From the looks of his social accounts, his new WIPs (works in progress) are all that and a bag of chips! But for now, let’s focus on Ballistic!

Review: With his new vision set in stone, and the redefining of his sound underway we can anticipate a state-of-the-art Auselot to keep generating these insane originals. Under the microscope is Ballistic, a melodic/color-bass track that maintains a mean-mug-face through and through the track. Instantly you are tumbled into the aggression and power of the build-up and it effortlessly and swiftly drops into a new variation on the previous Auselot sound.

It’s like waking up and putting Red Bull in your Cheerios, let us all be honest. The more Auselot learns new and experimental sounds, in return the world gets to hear new and exciting sounds also because his delivery system is text-book. Keep it up!

Keep Auselot in your radar as he will be exploding on the 2021 scene with ALL claws open. Here is your chance to be a part of the feral feline frenzy. Ballistic will be holstering the opportunity for you to remix the wild and untamed track. Find details in the next paragraph below.

Remix Comp: Contact Auselot for Ballistic Stems by emailing –
-Winners will be featured on the Ballistic Remixes EP

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