EP Review: Tyro – Doomsday Protocol

Tyro; is back with a new EP!
This is doomsday and you’re all going to succumb to the apocalyptic procedure of said, doomsday. With three explosive tracks claiming your name as it’s victim in demise, this EP is a heater! We will gladly put a flower over your grave if you just keel over right then and there. Trust me it’s that good!
Firstly, Doomsday Protocol, secondly Data Wave, and third we have Hex Crystal. These three accumulate the tertiary of Tyro’s extended play.
This knock-out trio of tracks is being released via Boogie T’s Drama Club Records, Most notably for pairing up with artists like CVPTVGON, Yano, and SoDown, and that beautiful artwork you see, is a piece by KOOZ. Wicked, right?


Doomsday Protocol (2:24)

This introductory track to the EP is the heavy one. This track is the inevitable downfall to the remaining tracks to add up to it’s big, expansive, and imminent collective destruction. Doomsday Protocol has that signature bass-line you may hear from his previous bangers, and that close-to-home style, Tyro displays ever-so-easily. With this being the intro track we can see that these other two tracks will be the compliment the extended play adds to as a great cheese to a fine wine. You can assure this track will be played out by the masses before their doomsday.


Data Wave (3:04)
Get the keys, grab a mask, and get in the car. Data Wave is a total windows-down, hair in the wind type bass music masterpiece. The womps and wubs are all-too perfect on this track to not be rocking out before doomsday. Trust me, there’s a protocol to the whole impending doom ahead. Data Wave is a seriously great track with all the twists and turns you want in an adventurous ride like this one. We hope to hear more tracks like this from Tyro in the future, if there is one.

Hex Crystal (2:46)
Weapons check! What did you grab? A hex crystal… okay we will use it!
Hex Crystal pops right off as a spooky and experimentally diverse track, with some notes of several bass (sub)genres. I seriously dig the inventiveness to the overall structure and outcome to the speaker-ready track. This sorcery is absolutely a wonky one. Having a mixture of what you may think is drum-and-bass but is a total meltdown into the genre. If this last track doesn’t excite you for the future of Tyro that just relisten to the EP. We have time.

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