Entrepreneurial Editorial: Jason Euler Ventures

Jason Euler, a man of many talents, from the city of Phoenix, Arizona is our first spotlighted business owner in our new editorial bunch. This entrepreneur is honorably one of our picks because of his experience, ideology in business, and drive in all the facets of his journey. This pandemic has drained us all of many things but refilling that draining hole is imperative. Jason did not give up he simply yet strategically added a new avenue in a time of distress. With his primary experience in live music event has been halted, yet he has carved an additional means of flow in a time of resistance. This sort of mentality and inventiveness is what our scene thrives on.
We honor his value and contribution to the community.
Please welcome Jason Euler to the storm

Question 1: For the unknowing readers, and soon-to-be fans, explain what Kinekt is, please! What is it? Who can use it?

Answer 1: Kinekt is an online mentor-ship platform where aspiring producers and music industry professional can be connected with top Artists, Agents, Managers, and Promoters in the business. Sessions range in price and time for each mentor and we offer a variety of Mentors with various skill sets and focuses. 
It’s available to everyone on kinektme.com and you can select any mentor you would like to learn music production, management, marketing etc.

Question 2: Being at the forefront of musical education and mentoring is a very time consuming and altruistic. What lead you to want to illuminate the ever-expanding minds of up and coming producers and entrepreneurs in a time of economic downturns.

Answer 2: When I decided I wanted to go for it and enter the daunting task that is working full time in the music industry I knew absolutely nothing and had been listening to Dance Music for only a few months at that point. I left my 2nd festival knowing I wanted to do it though. Coming in with little to no knowledge and experience I relied on Mentorship heavily and without the Mentors I had I never would’ve reached my goal of working in this business doing what I love. 
Now knowing the role and influence that mentorship had on me I feel as if I have a bit of responsibility to pass forward the things I’ve been fortunate enough to learn to help those who are willing to work hard and work for the right reasons.  
Once the pandemic hit it was a no brainer to really pursue the idea. My friends in the music industry were all out of work and aspiring artists were all stuck at home with nothing to do.  It all clicked.

Question 3: Why is it important to you to be involved and constantly tuning and conditioning your mind to set new and challenging standards for yourself?

Answer 3: Conditioning your mind is everything. It starts with every little choice you make daily. I try to focus on mind, body, and spirit. Picking up healthy habits like meditation, exercise, reading, and more leisure activities. 
When you begin to strengthen  yourself it’s never a standard but instead it’s a process that you fall in love with. 

Once I was able to begin the never ending journey that is self mastery I was able to really give more value to helping others. Your cup has to be full in order to fill the cups of others.

Question 4: What sort of business-related tributaries ultimately put you in the situation you are in now? Walk us through those early-days and moments of fruition to Kinekt.

Answer 4: It would take an in person interview for me to really answer this question and you can always see the full story HERE

My first entertainment Company OCTIV Entertainment was really the vehicle that got me into the Music world and eventually working at Relentless Beats and Managing some International Touring Acts.

I had been working in the music industry for a little over 2 and a half years when I really began to have a lot of Artists start to reach out to me and ask for advice and direction on their projects. I really saw a need so I launched the platform and start using my time to connect with Artists and help them develop real plans and strategies to effectively grow their projects and reach their goals.

Question 5: What sort of different services and products do you offer there at Kinekt? Can you summarize those facilities and offerings for the curious and inquisitive?

Answer 5: Right now we have really narrowed it down to our core focus of just “kinketing” our students with Mentors and lining up face to face Zoom sessions so they can get direct feedback on their questions and work. We offer a free monthly industry panel on YouTube where we sit down with different mentors and talk about the current state of our industry while asking questions about their journey into the music world. 

Question 6: You also manage the artists tyDi, Ekanovah, R3LL, and Bella Renee. What sort of administrations and leadership do you contribute to this certain field of work?

Answer: Administration is anything. It’s whatever needs to get done to make the project successful. You really wear a ton of hats at a manager and it’s really about delegating and building systems that can operate when you’re not working on them at times. 
As far as leadership goes Management is the definition of it cause the cost of leadership is self interest. That’s exactly what management is. It’s about helping your Artist achieve their goals and working to share their art with the World. It’s a blessing for me cause I’m truly friends with all my Artist’s that I represent. It’s a blessing to help my friends work at their goals and dreams.

Question 7: In addition to the aforementioned skills and duties you exhibit, you also have another job. What can you speak upon in regards to Relentless Beats. Give us the breakdown of what goes down when the lights turn off in Arizona’s premier dance-music event generating factory!

Answer 7: I’ve been at Relentless Beats since February of 2019 and it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. I’m an Experience Creator there and Negotiate all Corporate Sponsorships while  handling all the Art and Decor that goes into the site. Additionally I structure out the site lighting and plan for that. I wear a few other hats as well as far as working with our influencer and celebrity programs and host them at our Major Events along with our Sponsors. We’re a smaller team at Relentless Beats with there only being 12 of us full time so it’s a tight knit group and we all have to work on multiple aspects of the events

Question 8: What sort of advice or two cents can you give to an aspiring breadwinner?

Answer 8: Figure out what you’re passionate about. That’s the biggest thing because when things get really tough and difficult and they will. It’s passion that pulls you through it. You find your passion by trying things so get out there and figure out what you don’t like until you land on what you do like. 
The 2nd thing is Educate yourself. Start reading books and become an expert in your field. Digest and consume everything you can on the subject. Even more important FIND A MENTOR. I would not do what I do now without the Mentors I had. I owe them everything. 
Last, learn your behaviors and adjust the little decisions you make daily. Make one decision each day that is going to make you better than the day before. Success is about moving the needle a little further each and every day. There’s never one big jump. It’s the process and the journey that gets you to your destination. Fall in love with the process and the beauty of becoming. 

Question 9: How important is learning and education to you? In a pandemic and or any travesty it may seem to be hard to find that motivation to expand our minds. What is the secret to success, in your eyes?

Answer 9: It’s paramount as I mentioned before. This pandemic is the best time to educate ever. You could completely reinvent yourself this year with all the downtime and eliminate outside distractions of social gatherings. We all have the choice to better ourselves and so many of the latter choose Netflix and video games in their down time instead of books, exercise, and mediation. Again success is found in the little decisions we make daily and the consistent grind of moving the needle every day.

Question 10: What up and coming businesses and or leaders do you see putting in the work? Give them a shout-out for their blood, sweat and tears!

Answer 10: I have to start with my current Business Partner Nick Lamoureux and the amazing strides he’s made with Moon Lvnding and the team he’s built around that project. Nick was my partner on OCTIV and really was a great right hand that helped make that business as successful as it was. Watching him really take the reins and continue to build Moon Lvnding has been a pleasure to see.

The other one that’s been really great to see and the message they are spreading is The Seader Project with JR Seader who also played a big role on the OCTIV team. They’ve put together some great live streams during this pandemic from some amazing locations.

Last but not least all my Artists I work with. I could not be more proud of them for the constant daily grind they give toward their craft. It makes me want to work harder and push myself. Surrounding yourself with hard workers and dreamers will change your life and that’s exactly what I’ve worked so hard to do.

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