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[Los Angeles-based] curator and creator of electronic bass music KALCYFR is searing with talent and drive. His plethora of immense and mind-altering tracks, presence, and grit ascend this up-and-coming artist almost out-of-reach. His utmost recent deployment of music is ‘Release‘, exclusively on Play Me Records is a surefire heater from ember to ember. This track from KALCYFR will grab, shake, and release you with sheer magnitude and force. What a monumental way to start 2021.

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[Interview: KALCYFR]

Q1: Walk us through your vision, will you? Who is KALCYFR?

A1: I think KALCYFR can be summed up with this: “Capricious with fire”. I’m always trying to do what’s unexpected and unpredictable, once you think you have an idea of who or what KALCYFR is, KALCYFR is now doing something different, and it will be with fire (obviously).

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Q2: What genre(s) do you primarily focus on? What is your go-to beat? 

A2: I like aggressive, heavy hitting, obnoxious rave type beats. I grew up listening to that kind of music and I believe it will always have a place in dance music

Q3: 2020 is behind us. How did you turn that year into a positive?

A3: I started to really dive into the community online. I joined some artist’s discords and showed what I got on their demo-feedback streams and gained some believers and supporters through that! Also hopped on the live stream-train and played a handful of them to a wide and diverse audience.

Q4: Your new track ‘Release’ just dropped. What sort of creative processes went into the development of that track?

A4: “Release” was a song I wanted vocals on but not in a traditional vocal performance, so I decided on going the ” spoken dialogue” route. I wrote a script basically of a conversation between myself (recorded and performed by myself) and an A.I. (text to speech program) and told a story with that. I wanted the listener to land in the middle of the story, and the best story-telling experience is when it does just that, doesn’t give any explanation about anything because it’s really not even important. For example, the listener doesn’t need to know exactly what “The Praetorian” is because it’s far more important to know what it’s capable of rather than what it is or where it came from. A good story fully immerses the audience and that means leaving them wondering and open to their own interpretation. 

Q5: Any big, exciting, or eyebrow-raising plans for 2021 you can leak?

A5: Unfortunately, I’m leaving that on a need-to-know basis. When it’s time to make it public, that’s when you’ll know.

Q6: Who is on your radar right now as far as collabs go? Who do you want to work with?

A6: I’m not really the type to “seek” artists to collaborate with. If it happens and we vibe: sure thing, let’s ride this wave. I won’t be dismissive of opportunities to collaborate when they come my way, but I’m not gonna be sliding in artist’s inboxes with a “collab bro” if that makes sense. I’m a believer in letting things happen naturally and in their time.

Q7: Who do you see putting in the blood, sweat, and time these days? Give them a shout-out! 

A7: I could write a thesis of artists I know of to keep an eye on, but I’ll keep it short for the sake of everyone’s time.

Naming just a few: MORIS BLAK, Biomechanimal, Mechanical Vein, TRIPLESICKZ, Slang Dogs, Quackson, Quannum Logic, Veronica Eileen, Joe Ford, Voliik, Saltee, and Arkangel.
There are hundreds of more artists, but these ones in particular never fail to impress.

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