Daneliya Tuleshova – ‘Like You Used To’ | Los Padres Radio Mix [Track Write-Up]

Los Padres Returns With Their Remix Of ‘Like You Used To’ From Daneliya Tuleshove

Written by: Garth Jones

If you were hiding under a rock over the 2020 year span you may have missed the breakthrough performance and American debut of Daneliya Tuleshova on the ever growingly popular television series program ‘America’s Got Talent‘ (yes, the one with Simon Cowell). At the remarkable age of 13 showed off her talents with her live audition cover of ‘Tears of Gold‘ by Faouzia getting her four approvals (or, yeses) and landing her three more opportunities to prove her perfection to the judges and even making it to the finals. So by all means, this Kazakhstan-based singer has the talent and voice from the angels above.

Fast forward the clocks to today, we are graced with her original track ‘Like You Used To‘ being remixed by Los Padres, joining a brigade of producers and DJs on her new EP. A star-studded collection of different styles, genres, and walks of life.

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pictured: Los Padres

The Los Padres remix touches down on all the core moments of the original, shining with brilliance and angelically delivered lyrics with a vibrant snap. The upbeat house beat that layers over the track is simply the addition that needed to happen. From the heartfelt vocals getting a small facelift and the mountainous energy to bring the track to life in a new light, this remix takes the cupcake for a new favorite.
We are certain this effortless display of dynamic force and energy will be right up your alley and have you on your feet, jumping, bouncing, and shouting ‘Love Me Like You Used To‘ along with any listener in the nearby area.

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