Tyro. Holding It Down As Denver’s Dubstep Doomsday

Tyler Lempka, or as the world calls him; Tyro joins the storm. His prolific background and gut-wrenching bass-music productions fortifies his resume as a big f**king deal. As we grew up in Colorado, his name was always on the bill at bass shows while we watched who what-once-was a tyke turn into the what-now-is Tyro, who he is today. His self-made creation into the upper echelon of artists of Denver is wildly impressive and well-deserved. His smashing successful repertoire of grungy style and neck-breaking tunes concludes his rights to his crown in the Bass Capital.
Prepare for dubstep Doomsday.
Please welcome Tyro to the storm  

Question 1: For the unknowing reader and soon-to-be-fan, where did the Tyro craze originate from? Down to the name, and point of fruition?

Answer 1: When I was younger I was attempting to become a professional skateboarder. I skipped school every day to go skate and smoke weed. One day in 2010, I was cruising down the street on my super Frankenstein board and tried to turn left on to a friends street. The wheels had almost no grip and the board spun out from under me, causing me to fall and roll; fracturing my skull in three places. I woke up in the hospital two days later. I was told it would be very dangerous to continue skating, I tried for a while but eventually need to fill my time at home. After already being a self taught guitarist, I started attempting to make Dubstep. The rest is history.

Question 2: You elevate bass music to an upper-echelon status, undeniably. Where did your fascination derive from with your current connection to bass-music?

Answer 2: Dubstep makes you cry. Not like in a sad way but it will make you tear up and give you goose bumps. I’m always looking for that when I produce, if I’m not feeling it; it’s not gonna happen.

Question 3: Who has been your utter inspirational musicians? Where can we trace the cord back to the wall?

Answer 3: Let’s try to go all the way back, from current to first. MUST DIE! to BARELY ALIVE to DUBLOADZ to SPAG HEDDY to EH!DE to AFK to JANTSEN to DIRT MONKEY to PROTOHYPE to GETTER to HELICOPTER SHOWDOWN to EXCISION to RUSKO. I’m sure I’ve missed a few. To be honest that’s just a list of my favorite dubstep through the years.

Question 4: What do you anticipate for the upcoming year in the realm of Tyro? Collaborations? Tricks up your sleeve?

Answer 4: In March I got offered an awesome job, so I quit mine on the spot to take advantage and inject more capital into the Tyro project. Unfortunately that didn’t work out. Now, I stay at home all day making music and streaming production (twitch.tv/itstyromusic drop that follow). I am constantly writing new music so expect big things soon. Also speaking to a few labels about EP’s and have been working on a project to be self released in 2021.


Question 5: Who do you see killing the game recently? Give them a shout-out!

Answer 5: Gotta shout out all the homies: Shank Aaron, Freddy Rule, Trunkz, Detrace, High Zombie, Jantsen, Dirt Monkey, Wooli, AFK, Cosma, Walter Wilde, Viskus, Evilnoiz, Jiqui, Bandlez, STEEZ, DEADLYFT, Kris Kayden, Lucii, Brondo, the list goes on. I’m sorry if I forgot anyone.

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