Big Redd. Bull Fighting, Beat-Making, Big and Redd!

Steve Winer, or known best as Big Redd is a man of many hats you could say. His talents exceed the realms of just music production and DJ’ing. What may surprise you is that this Wyoming born and taught bass-music producer is taking life and grabbing it by the horns, literally. His grasp is guillotine-tight on the ropes of life. Let’s welcome this bull-fighting dubstep cowboy, Big Redd, to the storm.

Question 1: Hey Big Redd, what is everyone’s typical reaction when they find out that you are not only a DJ but also a bull rider?

Answer 1:  People are usually intrigued to hear that I am a bull fighter as well as a DJ. The most common questions I get are, “so you’re a rodeo clown,” and “have you ever been hurt?” I always explain the difference between rodeo clowns, (entertainers) and bullfighters (protectors) then tell the story of when I broke my neck and people seem to get a kick out of it. I think the duality of rodeo and rave is a combination that is uniquely me and I cherish that… after all, I am Big Redd the bass cowboy!

Question 2: What inspired you to go one step further than being an avid listener of EDM and start DJing/producing?

Answer 2: I have always been very passionate about music and began taking music lessons at a young age. Music stuck with me as I got older and I always wanted to be in a band but could never find peers that seemed to have the same interests and goals. When I discovered DJing in my early teens, I was captivated at the idea of being able share music with people and not having to sit around waiting for enough musically motivated people to form a band with me.

Question 3: Regardless of the genre, who are some of your favorite musicians? Are there any musicians that influence your live performances?

Answer 3: Some of my favorite musicians are Nikki Sixx, Roger Waters, Carlos Santana and Kirk Hammett! As a guitar and bass player myself, these guys inspired me as a kid to pursue music and develop my playing ability. I idolized the gravitas of the rock star image and how they could create art that had such a massive impact on so many people.

Question 4: It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has made an impact within the EDM community but when all the dust settles what kind of venues are you looking forward to? (Festivals, clubs, bars, etc.)

Answer 4: After COVID-19 is more managed, I am really looking forward to trying to set up some club gigs in the Western states, as well as, trying to get booked for as many camping festivals up in the mountains I can! People…. DO NOT SLEEP ON THE SMALLER CAMPING FESTIVALS… they are unlike anything else.

Question 5: What has been one of your most memorable moments during one of your live performances?

Answer 5: My most memorable moment has to be when my girlfriend and I set up a small show in Laramie, Wy and brought up our good buddies, The Party People, up from Denver to rock the house. It was an achievement because of how hard we worked to make it happen, and it was an unforgettable experience to get to share the stage with some of my best friends.

Question 6: Do you have any specific goals set in place for yourself as a musician? How do you plan on accomplishing those goals?

Answer 6: I have some very specific goals set in place for myself as a musician. Specifically, I am currently developing an EP to put out over the next year, as well as working on a live music project that I hope to have recording before 2020 is up. I write music, practice my guitar and bass, and read books on music theory, arrangement, and sound engineering everyday in order to accomplish the goals I have set out for myself.

Question 7: How much time do you spend making/editing/remixing music?

Answer 7: When considering all things (writing lyrics, practicing guitar & bass, work in Ableton, sound design, ect.) I would estimate that I spend roughly 4 – 5 hours a day trying to develop my skills and craft my art.

Question 8: What was the process like getting into music?

Answer 8: For me, the process of getting in o music was easy and natural because I grew up with a passion for music from an early age. As soon as I was able to, I signed up for band in middle school as a percussionist, followed that through high school where I also became the bass player of the Jazz band, and then began guitar instruction at the University of Wyoming. I was fortunate to know that I wanted to make music from an early age and so I took every opportunity that I could to hone those skills.

Question 9: As we wrap up this interview, I want to ask you at least one obscure question. Some people have weird taste buds. I’ve heard of cottage cheese on pizza, coco-puffs with marshmallows, even hot cheetos with cream cheese. Do you have any weird food combos that you love? 

Answer 9: Hmm okay, I got a weird one! I love burgers that have some banana slices, peanut butter, and just the slightest dash of chocolate syrup on them. Now I know that sounds like the vile creation of some trapped in a fever dream, but I promise its worth a try.

Question 10: Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions, what is the best way people can find your music online?

Answer 10: Social Links Below!

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