CXLXRADX. The Utah DJ Doppelganger to Colorado

“I want you to feel all of your feelings at once.” Hailing from the badlands of Magna, UT;
CXLXRADX (pronounced “Colorado,”) is an open format electronic music DJ that has
developed a devout following within the Utah underground music scene. Over the weekend we
had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the up-and-comer, and through our interview, we
were able to get a deeper look at the man behind the mixing.
Please welcome CXLXRADX to the storm!

Question 1: Where did your musical journey begin? What steps have you taken to get from where you were, to where you are?

“I had mixed music for a bit and been a bedroom DJ for awhile, but it all had to have
really started for the CXLXRADX project in 2018 after this underground rave I went to
up in the mountains got raided by the cops. It was really crazy man, the cops showed up
and so everyone booked it, but of course we were in the middle of the f**kin mountains
so we had no idea where to go. We stayed away for a bit and then made out way back to
where the show was and the only people left there were the people putting on the show,
Dope Soul Entertainment. I talked with them for awhile about my DJing and they liked
my style and the fact that I kept it real, so they decided to give me a shot! Since that day
they have always had my back and put me up when they have a show… it really changed
my life. I started as kind of an outsider to the scene and went from that to playing 20 sets
in my first year. I was very blessed to have people that had my back and believed in me. I
didn’t always believe in myself back then and you have no clue how much it can change
you to have someone say, “you got this bro, I believe in you.”

Question 2: What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?

“My biggest goal is to inspire people to be who they wanna be! F**k money man, its not
about money for me. For me, it is much more important to teach and share the knowledge
you have so that those that come after can grow to higher heights. I hope that I can
continue playing dope sets for sure, but my focus is much more on helping to bring in the
next generation. I want to go down as a legend for the arts I create, as well as the minds I
inspire. In addition to trying to build up the next generation, I would also like to continue
developing my arts and building my businesses. I have my CXLXRADX project to focus
on, but I also do tie-dying and have a burn crew.”

Question 3: In moments of writers’ block and stifled creativity, what do you do to get the creative train
back on track?

“Yeah writers block can really suck! I usually try to take a step back and look for
inspiration from something else. A lot of times it takes straight up walking away, maybe
taking a drive, and sometimes asking your tight homies for feedback ust to get a different
perspective on that. You have to be careful sometimes though who you ask because it
seems like we as a people are so coached to kissing each other’s a**es. People that just
tell you your track is awesome and doesn’t add any genuine insight is completely useless.
I always try to keep it real and so I get the perspective of my close homies that keep it
real as well. A big thing I do to restart my creativity is start working on one of my other
arts projects. Like if I’m having a hard time getting a mix down, I will go work on some
tie-dye, or if I cant seem to get down with the tie-dying I’ll go build some fire toys ect.”

Question 4: What does music represent to you?

“Escape or release. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you got going on, music can
make all the bullsh*t disappear. For me, it literally saved my life. I was in a dark place
when I was younger, and music had my back when I definitely didn’t have my own back.
Music is this beautiful thing that is like the purest form of emotion. It can make you
forget about your problems and escape the shitty parts of your life. It’s a beautiful thing
to have this art that can perfectly capture emotions in ways that words often fail to.

Question 5: With so much negativity in the world right now, how do you as an artist use your voice and
platform to build-up those around you?

“Honestly, I really try to stay closed off to the bullsh*t of the world. Obviously that’s not
fully possible, especially with how crazy it is now but I feel like when you focus on the
negative, you lose energy very quickly. I try to keep my focus on those in the community
nearest to me since I can have the biggest impact on those nearest to me. It all comes
down to giving man. Giving from the heart and not having any expectation of getting
anything in return. You have to give to get and once you start giving to those around you
and seeing how much joy it can bring, you start to see that we are all beautiful people
going through life. Giving is a great way to help people grow. I’m always trying to give
away some merch, or tie-dye swag, or a fire toy or something!”

Question 6: If you could collab with any artist, who would it be and why?

Kareful! I would love to be on a show with him or do a collab with him because he is
one of the people that like put so much work into the Wav music scene and like he’s the
OG! His sht is phenomenal and I’d love to rock a set with him. His sht inspired me so
much and in the hardest times of my life I listened to his music and it made me feel like something different. Another artist would be Tincup! Tincup is a total bad*ss in the
hybrid trap game but I’m not even sure if he’s still in the game. Oh AC Slater too because
I just love the way his music vibes. I got to see him last year and I was just mind blown!”

Question 7: What outside factors do you look to for inspiration?

“I like to look to other art for inspiration, like visual arts. I find nature really inspiring as
well, and just listening to other different types of music.”

Question 8: Do you prefer to freestyle your sets, or methodically plan them out?

“That’s part of the art, you fkin freestyle that sht! The thing about methodically planning it out is if you plan out a set and it doesn’t work out for that situation then you just played a set that sucked. I’ve seen DJs do that where they just stick to what they plan to play and don’t read the crowd and it just totally kills the dance floor. Just fkin send
it, if you make a mistake who gives a sht. It’s supposed to be fun and so I don’t want to
overthink it. We work for the people, they don’t work for us. We are there to make them
happy, to many people get hung up on only playing what they wanna play and that’s just
not it.”

Question 9: Any advice for others looking to follow in your footsteps?

“Never give up, always be grinding, and dreams do come true. And remember this, the
burn you get is not the burn you want, it’s the burn you need. Always grow, always look
to better yourself. Always be your own worst critic, but always have love for yourself.
There’s being tough on yourself and there is criticizing yourself in a way that helps you
grow. Keep in f**kin real…. If there is anything in my life that has helped me a lot is

keeping it real and being who you are. Be what you want to see in other people so that
you can see that in yourself and they can also see that in you.”


Question 10: Best place to find your music/art?

“,, Insta for my music, tie-
dye, and my burn crew. the handles are @cxlxradx, @coloradoclassics801, and
@funksquadburncrew. I also want to give a few shoutouts! Shoutout Dope Soul
Entertainment, the dopest entertainment out of all entertainment; 1411 Entertainment;
Matt Milner, he’s one of the founders of Incandescence music festival so big thanks to
him for putting me on as well; big shoutout to the underground scene for giving us a
space to manifest our destiny; the fans that had shown me love and had my back through
this journey; of course my family, my girlfriend & my kid, I couldn’t do it without them;
and lastly to the DJ homies, always stay grinding.”

Written by: Steve Winer

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