Otatop. Dubs, Buds, and Spuds.

Alec Campese, or as he is most notoriously known as, Otatop; joins the storm. We have been covering his stuff quite a bit lately, and thought we should add in an interview. The prince of potatoes, the tyrant of taters, and the sultan of starch… okay you get it.
Welcome Otatop, to the ever-growing storm!

Question 1: For the unknowing readers and soon-to-be-fans, what can you tell us about the origin story behind the Otatop craze?

Answer 1: My music career started as soon as I could project my voice as a child. A majority of my family on my moms side has always been musically inclined.
After singing “row row row your boat” in cadence any time our family would road trip, I soon picked up harmonies and melodies. Through out school I was the choir and band boy,
Participating musically where I could. I think it was probably in about 6th or 7th grade that I started listening to EDM, which was introduced to me by my brother Tone.
It all started with Deadmau5. Branching off to Skrillex and all the old-school heads we all know. As the years progressed, I started itching for more

Question 2: You have been making experimental bass, where does the fascination come from?

Answer 2: Well, me being a potato, I thrive in the slower, deeper parts of music. Although I have some bangers in the works, I’m really trying to shape myself around the motto “movement thru sound, not hype”
A lot of the experimental bass I listen to and produce in particular is going to be a little bit slower. Not for headbanging, but to honestly relax, trip out, and have a good head-bob.
It’s a very different genre, very unique, and I would essentially like to branch off this and make my own genre. In my eyes, music is expressing yourself, and being unique

Question 3: From Wyoming to Colorado, you have been in the sphere of bass-music for some time now. What sort of advantages has this brought to your doorstep?

Answer 3: Advantages, or blessing as I would like to call them, have been endless. With Denver being the bass capital, I have been able to meet and network with SO many different artists and venues. Being able to hear and collaborate with the surrounding talent has been a tremendous advantage. There was not much of a scene in Wyoming when I had lived there. So moving to Colorado really put things in gear for me.

Question 4: Do you plan on taking your music liking to new genres? Or have you found your sound?

Answer 4: Absolutely! Although I do think I’m starting to develop my own sound, the sky is the limit. You can expect to hear the experimental bass side of me through the beginning stages, but my passion for music flies far. I plan on incorporating my own vocals and melodies in the future as I establish. I want people to feel, to think, and to be inspired by what I do.

Question 5: What do you have planned for the rest of the year? What can we expect from you in the near future?

Answer 5: As I’m still only in my first couple months of producing, I really want to take my time with things. As much as I want to pour my music and ideas on the community, I want to make sure that what I put out is quality. I’m currently setting up and hosting my first show/live stream, that you will definitely hear about in the next couple days actually! This year I plan to land some tracks on collectives, along with doing some individual releases myself. Building a fan-base and track collection for when things really hit off after this pandemic.

Question 6: Who have been your biggest musical inspirations thus far?

Answer 6: Spicy Bois, Lost Dogz, Illenium, Charles The First, Big City, and not to forget my brother Tone, have been just a couple of the main hitters for me. Being able to tie emotion into a deeper and darker aspect is what really gets me.

Question 7: Where does the potato fascination come from? What’s up with spuds?

Answer 7: In all honesty it was almost a joke at first. If anyone knows me, I can be a pretty laid back person. My love for being a “couch potato” is literally what I pulled my name from. As I started to put myself out in the community, I knew that i needed an alias. So as I sat on the couch, hit my bowl, and thought, “Hell, I’m a potato, Lets rock it.” It was at that point that Otatop was made.

Question 8: Your new remix of the Illenium song just dropped. What sort of feelings are you having about that release and what was your creative inspiration behind it?

Answer 8: This remix is actually very emotional for me. As Illenium is a home hitter in my eyes, I took a lot of time trying to decide what song of his I wanted to remix. The meaning of “Takeaway” really hit home for me. This last year was absolutely crazy. Falling in love with the girl of my dreams, and having it taken away on my part.
“I’ll break your heart so you don’t break mine, a heart for a takeaway”
This song is actually dedicated to my other half. As we’ve moved past our troubles, and are again thriving together.

Question 9: Who is in your scope as far as upcoming collaborations? New originals in the making?

Answer 9: Id really like to start some collaborations with the Spicy Bois, as their sound has shaped mine in a sense. But for now, i am trying to break my learning curve kind of solo. On the side note to thank ALL my very good friends and family that have helped and supported me to get to where i am now! The family I moved to Colorado with, and the many more that have pushed and inspired me. I have a couple unreleased tunes, and works in progress coming along that I cant wait to share with everyone!

Question 10: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them a shout-out!

Answer 10: Man there is so much MAD talent out here right now. We have the whole Monsoon Season team, picking out Tr!p Hvzvrd, and Kylloe, the homies from Wyoming that are going to BLOW up. Potions, Big City, Mport, and Hoodie Wearlson are definitely putting in some mad work!

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