Remix Review: Matthew Rapp – Love It (GUNNR Remix)

Before we start in on our two cents, if not a full Fort Knox worth of chatter let’s get a brief introduction to who these two madmen are. The original belongs to Matthew Rapp, a father, lyricist, and total stadium-sized vocalist from Idaho. GUNNR, being our original logo creator, and Melodythica travel-guide, and holding down the hat of the wizard-of-wonder behind this remix.
These two fusing their artistic and aesthetic values and modes of talent are damn near unprecedented when you analyze it on a musical and theoretical basis.

The remix begins, you start crying, easy enough right? Wrong, to say the least. This remix is so emotionally implosive, it can send a therapist to the therapist. As we begin the snorkel in this rendition of an emotionally abysmal and breath of fresh air, let us all open our hearts to a magnificent approach to the aforementioned track…


Matthew Rapp · Love It (GUNNR Remix)

The beginning of the track is so captivating instantaneously. The vocal impact of Matthew Rapp is a surefire tear-jerker. Just the soft and docile voice that serenades and motivates you to listen with severe intent. The subtle drum coverage in the start of this anthem is building and trust me, it’s going to drop.
The melodic lullaby in then supported by GUNNR production to take the lyrics on a journey into Melodythica, GUNNR‘s land of imagination. What this bass-music artist takes the initiative to compliment the overlaying lyrics with his approach to delectable and melodic fusion.

As we progress into the middle of the track, you’re already singing to yourself “YEAH I LOVE IT”. Your hands are sky-high and waving to and fro! Just wait, GUNNR isn’t done. With his rendition of Matthew‘s voice in an ultra-robotic voice taking you to the next level of this beautiful remix.

The genres kind of bounce around as the remix crescendos to its final phase. From the beginning taking you into a melodic-bass arena, then slowly leading you into a dubstep stadium of sound. The final genre is house-music for a couple seconds before the train leaves, and says All Aboard, and leaves you jaw-dropped.

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