Isaiah Porter, or better known as Solum, opens the door for us as we take a closer look into his life as a music producer. Ambitious, talented, and driven but it doesn’t even come close to covering what he has up his sleeve.


We are utterly stoked to introduce, Solum.

Question 1: Where does the name “Solum” come from? Is there any inspiration behind the alias?

Answer 1: Growing up I was always kind of friendless, didn’t really fit in with anyone or any kind of group. I really wanted to put that into my music since that heavily shaped me into the person I am today, so while branding, I couldn’t really find any names that I felt attached to, until I literally put “Alone” into google translate, switched it to Latin, and voila, Solum was born.

Question 2: Your style revolves around bass-music. Where does this liking derive from?

Answer 2: I grew up listening to Excision, Datsik, and Skrillex, and seeing how those genres caused so much happiness and connection in the scene immediately made me attracted because I finally found a sense of belonging. Plus having this love for the community brought me some of my closest friends.


Question 3: If you could experiment with a different style and or genre of music, which would you pick?

Answer 3: Definitely more Drum N Bass, Mid Tempo and House

Question 4: EDM as a whole brings the best out in people. Have you ever seen something wild or crazy at a show?

Answer 4: Yeah, my all-time favorite thing I’ve seen at a show was when I went to go see Eptic in PA with my manager and he played “Violence” and the entire crowd bounced to the beat. Easily the most insane shit I’ve seen.


Question 5: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be? Why this pick?

Answer 5: It’d have to be Collixion. This dude is off the chain, and with my brand moving towards a much darker, dubstep oriented face, I think we could create some serious heat.

Question 6: How have you been dealing with the worldwide pandemic? More time for your tunes?

Answer 6: Definitely, I think in the past 3 weeks alone I’ve created more music than I have in the 3 years I’ve been producing. And having all of this time has really given me an opportunity to not only fine-tune my sound, but work on collabs that have been in planning for months.

Question 7: What has been your highlight moment in music thus far?

Answer 7: Getting signed to Rebirth Audio. When I first started producing, I set up goals so I could track my progress, and joining that team was one of them. They are an incredible team and I’m glad I can call them family.


Question 8: What is your connection to Aphelion Collective? Who else are you working with at the moment?

Answer 8: A close friend of mine is the P/R for Aphelion. I had sent him the demo for Hellish Harmony and he urged me to submit it. The rest is history. As for other people I’m working with, in terms of collaborations, I have some crazy stuff with my friends, most notably Midlex and SIX16. In terms of labels, I’m still planning to work with Rebirth Audio and Aphelion, releasing an EP later this year.

Question 9: Walk us through a day-in-the-life? What goes into a productive day for you?

Answer 9: Pretty simple. I wake up, lay in bed for half an hour until I get up and shower. After that, I sit down in the studio and try to make a new track in thirty minutes. Once I finish that, I sit that track to the side and open up other projects I’ve been working on, then adding, and subtracting until I have a finished product.


Question 10: Who out there could you say deserves more attention in the music world? Give them a healthy shoutout!

Answer 10: Rebirth Audio, of course. Midlex, Beanie God, Collixion, SIX16, Terkoiz, Nilo, and Deathly. All criminally underrated producers.

Thank you so much Isaiah, it’s seriously been so much fun talking over the weeks. We appreciate all your time, energy, and effort. We wish nothing but success and good vibes for you!

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