BLVCK KARIBOU: Australia’s Newest Bass House Artist

If you have been to a major festival in the past 6 months (before the pandemic) you have definitely heard “Wormhole” by BLVCK KARIBOU  being played out by countless major names.


His bass-house style is like none other. Divinely catchy build-ups, way funky drops and his usage of samples that will “make your mother wet” (as he would say).
I’m a major fan, a frequent listener, and am super stoked to introduce; 

Question 1: You give “going beast mode” a whole new meaning. What was your biggest inspiration behind BLVCK KARIBOU?

Answer 1: Wow, hard opening question! There are so many parts to it, musically I was super inspired by the likes of Joyryde, Tchami, Brohug, etc, all there tracks constantly worked on the dance-floor when other artists just didn’t. From a “look” point of view, no-one really, I loved what deadmau5 did in creating something visually appealing and striking, but wanted to take that and shoot it off into my own personal direction. 

Question 2: With heavy bass-house bangers such as ‘Requests‘ and ‘Wormhole‘ in addition to many other great tracks by you getting such a wildly monumental response here in the states, where does the mindset originate from when you are making these tunes?

Answer 2:  “IT HAS TO WORK ON A DANCEFLOOR” the number 1 mantra! I want to preface, with the mountains of club tracks being released, I was finding general crowds react the same ways to songs if something works well, it works well everywhere, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. When I started making this music I made a promise that every track had to work on pretty much every crowd to be release-able, I’ve tried to stick to that as much as possible, and it seems to be working.

IMG_4955 (1)

Question 3: Many of us are curious, are the antlers heavy? Also, do you think you’ll see them as an article of accessory at shows in the future? I’d wear them!

Answer 3: They are NOT! They are made of high tensile 3D printed plastic, so light as a feather, the LED’s add a little weight but not much, and they’re actually not connected to my head but my back which makes moving and staying alive way more in my favor. 


Question 4: I recently attended Decadence Arizona, and the first song I heard when I was walking in was “Wormhole“. What would you do if you (or if you have) heard one of your own songs being played and rocked out to by 9,000+ people?

Answer 4: That’s so dope! Believe it or not, I never have, I’ve been to so many festivals, but never managed to get that lightning in a bottle moment of hearing one at a festival live! One Day PLEASE!

Question 5: What/who would be your dream collaboration with a fellow Australian? What about an international artist?

Answer 5: Australian I would probably have to say Lowdown, mainly because he’s a homie and it has to happen inevitably, plus he’s also super creative more than a bunch of other people.


International, Skrillex again because of creativity. He always thinks outside the box! Mad respect to him always!


Question 6: Out of all of your tunes in your personal arsenal, what is your absolute favorite to play out to the masses?

Answer 6: I love all my song babies, but probably one of my older ones called “Ripping Down the Door“, it gets such a massive “woo” when dropped, that and a new upcoming one called “Daddy Issues” it’s first fake drop is so saucy it would make your mother wet.

Question 7: For the unknowing reader, what is life like for a musician in Australia?

Answer 7: Well I’m writing this during the pandemic, so pretty much self-imposed lockdown, but life looked pretty similar beforehand anyway! There’s a lot of great artists here and drum n’ bass and dubstep is huge!

Question 8: With the internet being such an advantageous tool for musicians, wherein this spectrum for you has been the most beneficial?

Answer 8: Probably being able to present something creative (I sometimes see Blvck Karibou as more of a multifaceted art project), and then being able to find people who like that, as an artist that never stops being cool.


Question 9: What can we here at Monsoon Season, and the rest of the world expect from you, BLVCK KARIBOU? Short term and long term.

Answer 9: I have a new release out today called “Elephant” it has been such a bastard to finish this tune, I think this is version 37 or something, but happy it’s seeing the light of day! Just signed with a new booking agent so hopefully, heaps of shows when we are allowed to go outside again and play! 


Question 10: Australia has definitely been in everyone’s minds and hearts recently with the utterly crazy fires you have experienced. What sort of awareness and or help can we offer at Monsoon Season?

Answer 10: Just play Australian music to give them that sweet stream money, and also wash yo damn hands, world!


Thank you so much for your time. I’m so stoked to check out “Elephant“. I’m sure you have knocked it out of the park, as usual. 
We are so happy to have had you on Monsoon Season. We hope to catch up soon!






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