Taran Schlegel, a man with no musical boundaries, and with more drive and ambition than most people can aspire to have, gives us his time of day. We are in debt to him for his amazing work and energy. Can you say “WHAT A TR!P?”

Question 1: Would you care to expand and elaborate on the name “TR!P HVZVRD”. Where did it come from?

Answer 1: The name TR!P HVZVRD came from a moment of clarity I had while driving back home from seeing some of my best friends. I was already looking to rebrand from Professor Tarbrains and it seemed like I still wanted to keep a Trippy feel to my brand. I would catch myself saying ‘What a trip” consistently. And then I realized I have lived out a pretty hazardous lifestyle. So I ran it across the homies, then BOOM, did some character flips and it came to be a perfect fit.

Question 2: Musically, who do you look up to the most? Philosophically, who and or what principles do you find the most advantageous to pull from?

Answer 2: Man, this is a hard one because I love a mess load of different artists. But if I had to narrow it down, I would say Seven Lions. He has this ethereal super layer sound that just pulls the emotions straight from my soul. As far as principles, I feel it’s pretty advantageous to be able to connect to people’s heartstrings. I think if you can make people feel, you can encourage the love inside of them.

Question 3: Wyoming is a tough state. How do you find the outlets, contacts and networking advantages in such a vastly different state?

Answer 3:Dude the internet is my best friend. I work really hard to network outside of the state and become connected with as many people envisioning the same goals as I am. There is a group of us here in Wyoming that is going for the same thing and we link up and throw some shows and hype each other. Teamwork makes the flippin’ dream work.


Question 4: What has been your favorite moment in your musical career? Big and small moment.

Answer 5: Big Moment: The day I was given the opportunity to play Mount Olympus V in Lolo Hotsprings, MT. A festival I’ve followed for years. 

Small Moment: I joined the Defyre Community online and got mad feedback. That group really gave me the direction I really needed to go and they are super helpful and encouraging.

Question 5: If you could open a show for any artist, on any bill, for who and where would it be?

Answer 5: Virtual Riot. Mainly because I’ve seen his progression over the years and it would be a dream to meet him. WHERE? Dude anywhere, but Red Rocks Amphitheater, for sure!

Question 6: What new and exciting things do you have planned that we can help bat some eyes for?

Answer 6: Well, I have some songs in the works that are full of some completely new sound design and killer wubs, AND, most of them will stay unreleased and only be played out at the Mad Mountain Music Festival (hosted by COENICA) and Mount Olympus Music Festival in Lolo Hot Springs, Montana.


Question 7: What would you change about the Wyoming EDM scene and what do you think Wyoming does better than everyone else?

Answer 7: The drug culture. I am a firm believer that its no longer cool to disrespect your mind or your body. I think it would be incredible if I could attend a show and not be blasted with a myriad of insanely inebriated people.

Question 8: Name 5 up n’ coming artists who you would like to work with on an upcoming collaboration.


Question 9: If you could give a tip to an aspiring producer, who just isn’t sure where to start, what would you say?

Answer 9: Download a free trial to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and go to work creating. EVEN IF IT SOUNDS LIKE TRASH. Binge Youtube tutorials from the pros. Just start doing something!

Question 10: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Give us a breakdown of what those days in 2025 are looking like.

Answer 10: Honestly? I believe I’ll be playing right alongside my favorite artists. Working daily as a full-time bass music producer. Still keeping my homies close and my priorities straight. Maybe driving an icecream truck for the hell of it.


Question 11: In your personal opinion, what makes a good festival? What makes a bad one?

Answer 11: A GOOD FESTIVAL OFFERS FREE WATER. Gotta stay hydrated! As well as a good festival offers new talent that maybe wouldn’t have a chance at playing a real festival. A BAD one has no diversity in the music being played.

Question 12: Who in the Wyoming area deserves a little extra spotlight? Give them a healthy shout out!

Answer 12: So… There are two that I feel deserve some light. Kylloe and EX!T WOUND. These two have some talent behind them not only with mixing but I’ve seen them grow so much in their production skills that I am proud to be alongside them in any performance. You guys have no idea what Wyoming is bringing to you all. 

Taran, we cannot thank you enough for joining in on the first edition and our introductory round of artists to join the Monsoon Season family. We also cannot wait for your follow-up interview in the near future!


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Written by: Garth Jones 


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