ARTIFACT’s ‘Thunderlord’ Shocks Bassheads On An Ungodly Level via High Caliber Records [Track Write-Up]

High Caliber Records Releases Aussie Apparition Artist ARTIFACT‘s Tune Titled ‘Thunderlord‘ – Spreading Across (Sub)Genres & Oceans, Reaching Stateside Markets, Shocking The Masses Along The Way.

Monsoon Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

artwork: Fatal Media

Built Different Music Group‘s Aussie Apparition Artist ARTIFACT‘s Releases Experimental Bass Tune ‘Thunderlord‘ via Minnesota-based Label, High Caliber Records.


While Jake Davies (ARTIFACT) is on the cusp of bass music stardom with a multitude of releases on labels, self-releases, and gaining the attention of the masses here stateside, he still manages to push the boundaries of what we all know is possible in the realms of experimental bass.

From his wonky and wobbly shakedown beats to his more serene and heartfelt releases, the one commonality to them all is his wildly pleasing take on how he perceives bass music.

It’s not only one of a kind, it’s groundbreaking, and the greater populous is taking notice and taking notes.

Jake Davies | ARTIFACT

● ‘Thunderlord‘ is a whole experience. From the get-go, we are met with a very antique-sounding gramophone that blends in a cymbal, basses, and without notice, a thick and fiery rap sequence, sure to widen your eyes and pique your ears with interest.

ARTIFACT shuts it down with a captivating bassline and drop that is backed by a screamo vocal looping “fuck”, leaving listeners with the combination to piece together themselves (you can wipe your sweat away and confusingly scratch your head now).

Throughout the remainder of the perplexingly pleasing myriad of sounds, genres, and booming bass bits, you can rest assured that ‘Thunderlord‘ contains a perfect mix of the aforementioned that all come together in a fluid fashion.

both pics: ARTIFACT | merch for sale at: click here

▼ After several high-impact releases [in 2023 alone] such as ARTIFACT’s “Spectre Season” (Dirtysnatcha Records), “Fatebringer” (High Caliber Records), andLover” (Syndicate Bass Records), the burgeoning bass music act from Sydney, Australia adds one more tune into his largening discography with “Thunderlord” via High Caliber Records.

A true treat and spectacle in sound. Our hats are off to you, ARTIFACT!

Thunderlord | OUT NOW


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