GRISLY Chats About Spooky Season, Horror Movies, & Metalstep + His Spotify Playlist Feature [Artist Interview + Spotlight]

Jacksonville, Florida‘s Rising Bass Music Artist & Vocalist – GRISLY Answers Questions About His Tunes, Spooky Vision, Horror Movies, + What He Fears Most

Monsoon Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

Carlos Bráz, best known as GRISLY is a Jacksonville, Florida-based electronic bass music artist who is no stranger to our thunderous storms nor keeping the Spooky Season lifestyle front and center in his branding, music, and inspirations.

GRISLY has been a highlight character here at Monsoon Season with a plethora of noteworthy articles, interviews, a fiery guest mix from last year, and even selected as our Artist Of The Year pick from 2022.

His menacing originals and collabs, feral vocal features, remixes, and his wildly aggressive take on bass music have landed him on some insane placements on lineups, signed with reputable record labels, and given him the opportunity to grow his brand, share his music, and show the world just who the fuck GRISLY is.

From massive tunes such as his recent feature on VLCN’s “Bone Splitter” via the Galaxy Defense EP on Subsidia Records, originals “Hostile“, and “Throne Of Doom” with Monsters Everywhere, plus remixes of Limp Bizkit‘s “Break Stuff” with KOMPLVINT, Crankdat & Bandlez‘s “GroundShake“, and much more.

GRISLY is an unstoppable rising force that we are always excited to see release more music, get more show/festival bookings, and grow his brand at the rate he is.

He is managed by Built Different Music Group, represented by the booking agency 7th Circle, and has been featured/interviewed on blogs and websites like ours,, Let The Bass Get You, DUBSTRAPN’BASS, Respect My Religion, and Sound Drive Music.

He seemingly has all the right assets in place for his career to skyrocket at any moment, but before that happens…

Q1. Welcome to our Spooky Season Coverage SeriesGRISLY! Can you share your origin story and how it led you to this masked, horror-like persona, and ultimately how your current vision/image became GRISLY

GRISLY: It all started a few years ago with plans of what is becoming today but it is a project that definitely has grown and shaped as time went by. At first, I had this awesome custom skull demon-like thing and the name GRISLY but how could I combine them to make sense? That is when the mask came into play.

GRISLY has always been an alter-ego type of thing. Giving an entity to all this dark past I lived through and changing it into a positive and brutal energy instead of just being depressed.

The mask made sense. It is like me letting go of myself and for that one hour, it’s just the demon and the fans. It is never meant to be dark as far as goth, but dark as far as modern, hype, and mainstream goes.

I like to think if Kayzo, Phaseone, and Crankdat had a threesome (and it worked like that), I would be born (laughs). 

Q2. What about the fusion of electronic music and darker interests such as metal music, monsters, and mayhem is so alluring and attractive to fans and listeners

GRISLY: Metal has always been so much more than just screams and noise (how non-metal people talk) but honestly it’s very complex. It is a genre that fits so well with dubstep.

It’s almost like the ultimate result of brutality, that extra bass boost. EDM + Metal is definitely rising to the top and becoming more popular. 

Q3. Our Spooky Season Coverage Series encapsulates rising artists who embody and practice the spooky/scary lifestyle via their music and brand. Who are some artists or influences that inspire/motivate you to maintain your personal take on it?

GRISLY: I am a huge horror movie fanatic so almost anything by Blum House, classics like Stephen King‘s movies, Jordan Peele, etc.

I live and breathe this shit. From a very young age I’ve been attracted to this but always shown that I can distinguish between real and fake so my mom never stopped me (laughs). It’s in my DNA now.

Movies motivate me a lot but from a music perspective.

I [also] think Emorfik and Phaseone are sick.


Q4. Trick-or-treating the neighborhood, Ding-Dong-Ditch, or toilet papering public property? Which one was your go-to mischievous behavior around Halloween or none of the above? We won’t tell anyone!
(wink wink)

GRISLY: I grew up overseas so I never experienced Halloween until I moved here for good when I was 18. I love it but I never did anything like pranks on Halloween (sorry).

Q5. What is something that truly scares you? What sends those shivers up and down your spine?

GRISLY: Heights. Holy crap, heights. I am gooooooood. I like my ground.

Q6. What’s next for GRISLY in 2023? What can your fans, listeners, and the monstrous masses look forward to? Let us know!

GRISLY: Honestly, it has been a year. I learned a lot musically and personally and I am going to apply it. All I can say is, I have some shit I gotta say and I am coming out swinging (musically lol). Also, shout out to my fans. I fucking love you GRISLINS!! 


Check Out GRISLY’s “Vicious Hitters” Spotify Playlist with artists LAYZ, Wheysted, Vastive, Ridley Slim, Scefetta, VLCN, STVNK FVCE, Grimmire, PhaseOne, Perry Wayne, with SO MUCH MORE.

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