DVRKSTVR Gives Us The Early Listen to 3 Tracks From “Cyber City” – His Debut 19-Track Album [Sneak Peek Review]

Full-Length DVRKSTVR Album COMING 10/31: Rising Bass Music Artist DVRKSTVR Gives Us The Sneak Peek at 3 Tracks From His Forthcoming 19-Track Album on Stay Venomous Records


EDM Weather Reporter: Curator Presents

Cyber City coming 10/31 – DVRKSTVR

CURATOR COVERAGE returns with a special feature this time around. Instead of the regular track coverage, we over at Monsoon Season have been given the honor of having an early access exclusive sneak peek at DVRKSTVR‘s forthcoming album “Cyber City” on Stay Venomous Records, dropping Halloween (10/31)!

Cyber City”, “Hot” (Feat. CYBERUS), and “Aggressive” are just 3 of the 19 massive tracks on the album, and these are the ones we will dive into in this article! 


First up, we have “Hot” with producer ally CYBERUS. Together, these two create an absolute tearout banger. Right from the start, the cinematic-feeling-intro quickly sends you into a whirlwind of chaos. When the drop hits, you are absolutely obliterated by the heavy bass line accompanied by an aggressive sustain bass. The unique mixdown on this track leaves a feeling of being suffocated as everything around you crumbles. It is truly chaotic and beautiful. The pure aggression and raw energy displayed by these two are admirable, and the chaotic nature of the entire track is amazing I hope to hear more from these two in the future.

Next up we tackle “DVRKNESS”. This track takes its time to set you in a dark and ominous universe. You feel as if you are lost in outer space, looking around for some glimmer of hope as you realize everything around you is pitch black. As this unsettling feeling hits you, the drop decides to come in to solidify your doom. The sound design and mixdown of this drop instantly reminds me of the early 2010s era of dubstep, that is a personal favorite era of mine. To me, this track sticks to the basics and excels in every ounce of effort put into the track. It doesn’t overstay its welcome as it hits you with rapid machine gun patterns and guttural growls, and manages to give me personally a feeling and sense of nostalgia. This track is deep, it’s heavy, and it might be my personal favorite on the entire album! 

Last but not least, we have the title track “Cyber City” This one starts off with what sounds like a modified church bell, and a very ominous atmosphere. Slowly introducing instruments and elements, we are quickly sent into a drop that is bound to obliterate dance floors. The old-school vibes again are showcased in their prime here as rapid wobbles rail through the speakers and vibrate the bones. The second drop slows things down even more and adds this super gangster flow to it, and it honestly is a great way to wrap up this album. The sound design is insane and the mixdown choices are taboo by modern standards, but sounds fucking insane to me personally. It gives me hope for an old-school renaissance in the near future. 

DVRKSTVR releases this insane new album “Cyber City” on Halloween day (10/31), and I highly recommend you check it out. It’s an entire journey best listened to in one sitting from start to finish, and I promise you every second will be worth it.



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