FEAR UNKNWN & Ironhide’s New Tearout Collab “Rise” ft. Messinian Lands on Tearout Network [Track Write-Up]

NEW MUSIC: Tearout Network Picks Up FEAR UNKNWN & Ironhide‘s New Collab Effort Titled – ‘RISE‘ ft. Messinian | OUT NOW

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● Over here at the Monsoon Season headquarters, it has become clear we are all massive fans of the tearout don Ironhide, and a while back a small untitled track was sent to my inbox. It was an early version of a track that I knew was going to be something huge. This track ended up being a massive collab between Ironhide and FEAR UNKNWN, and tagging along for the decimation, the voice of dubstep, Messinian.

Together, this trio crafted what I personally consider to be the track of the year. This is seriously the right direction the tearout scene needs to be making, and that’s exactly why “Tearout Network” grabbed this track for release.

RISE” kicks off with a sinister synth lead, accompanied by some railing drums, before we are greeted by a familiar voice, known as Messinian. Dropping a devastating verse that needs no beat, this verse seriously showcases the talent of all three artists by showing they can make insane soundscapes and captivating atmospheres with the bare minimum. A voice and that sinister lead that soon transfers you into the build. Anxiety rises and tension builds as we as listeners are captivated by what sounds like the soundtrack to the apocalypse. The pre-drop creates one of the most aggressive and stellar taglines I’ve heard all year, and when you hear Messinian chant “Takin’ out the ops”, you know shit’s about to get real. 

When the drop hits, it’s full-blown obliteration. The railing machine guns and the sub-bass are mixed so perfectly that you feel nearly suffocated in the basses, and it’s truly amazing. The B Section of this drop is equally if not as brutal as the first half because it showcases these nasty growls and tonalities that are utterly disgusting in all the right ways. This part is truly creative and shows that these guys can blend multiple styled sounds into one stellar and cohesive drop. The momentum created by this second drop is almost unmatchable and this is one of the reasons I stand by my statement that this is the track of the year. We are brought back for a small breather as we listen to the railing verse of Messinian again, however, this time there is this killer bass pattern that creates a different rhythm to this section, and helps add all sorts of new elements that create hype and perfectly round off the universe this track has created within itself. 

The second drop takes everything from the first drop and amplifies it times ten. The machine gun basses that come in are so fast and rapid you are almost convinced you just witnessed a terrible crime that occurred in front of you. Thecheckchants return in the background of the drop which adds a nice layer of hype and ear candy while the kick and snare continue to pop holes in your speakers as they smash and clap. This is the section I personally feel like DJs will use to absolutely fuck up their live audiences, and yes I will include myself in that list, as this track is pure devastation and the quality of all three artists is truly showcased in this one single track.

If those reasons haven’t sold you on why this is the track of the year, then you need to stop what you’re doing and go listen right away and see for yourself. Ironhide, FEAR UNKNWN, and Messinain are all on top of their individual games on this stellar masterpiece. The tension and world-building created by Messinian have always been amazing, but on this track, you can tell he went all in, meanwhile Ironhide and FEAR UNKNWN absolutely destroy us with obliterating sound design and rhythmic patterns, creating what I find to be the best drop of 2023. 

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