Kami Koroshi Unveils New Bass Single “Grow” via Stay Venomous Records [Track Write-Up]

NEW MUSIC: Maryland’s Kami Koroshi Hits The Masses w/ New Bass Single “Grow” Exclusively on Colorado-based Label, Stay Venomous Records | OUT NOW

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● Hailing from Glen Burnie, Maryland, underground bass music producer Kami Koroshi patiently executes his rise up as he continuously releases masterpiece after masterpiece. Not afraid to blend high-energy bass music with grooves you may find in hip-hop and metal, this free-flowing sound and execution help bridge the gap between a multitude of genres.

In this edition of “CURATOR COVERAGE” we dive into the latest single by the madman titled “Grow”. This track truly was spectacular and well-executed, and I’ll break it down for you from the start. 

Grow” kicks off with a telephone ring, accompanied by a plucked lead that creates an almost happy progression. The pads in the back set the tone that gives off hope and makes you feel like you are outdoors, awaiting to embark on a journey into the unknown. This is further solidified when we are taken into the build. You can feel the sub-rumble while the pluck almost becomes unrecognizable as it rapidly plays and picks up pace.

At first, you don’t really know exactly where this track is heading, and that to me makes the drop smash so much harder when it rolls in. You get blindsided because you think you’re going to get some type of upbeat vibes but no… You get completely devastated. 

The pre-drop comes in with these insane sustain basses that pitch all over in frequency, amping you up for udder chaos. The drop is executed so well with the old-school sound that reminds you of Cookie Monsta and Funtcase back in the early 2010s era of dubstep.

The rapid strikes of bass and sub rail into your spine as you lose your breath and get captured by the overwhelming suspense and anxiety this drop will give you. This track hands down is going to get the crowd going when you drop it out of nowhere at your next show. The wobbles are sure to get the dancefloor moving while the aggression of the sound design will have the headbangers smashing their skulls into the rails in front of them.

The 2nd drop takes what we survived during the first one and turns it up to eleven. The patterns become even more fast-paced and give you no time to breathe. I don’t say this lightly when I say this drop is easily in my top 3 drops I’ve heard in all of 2023 so far! 

Kami Koroshi spared no one in this absolute banger. “Grow” takes everything we all know and love about old-school dubstep and applies modern production to it. The pure intensity of this track makes it a must-hear and a must-add to your setlist when you’re ready to absolutely send your audience to a new level.

Keep an eye out for more madness from Kami Koroshi going forward and be sure to follow and hit up all of the links below!

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