KAPSYZ Releases New Multi-Bass Genred EP Titled “(heart) riddim (heart) breaks” via Frozen Fox Records [EP Write-Up]

NEW MUSIC: KAPSYZ Returns To Our Storm w/ Release of Debut EP “(heart) riddim (heart) breaks” Exclusively on Frozen Fox Records

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KAPSYZ is back this summer with yet another absolute heater of an EP. In the past, we have had the chance to interview the production workhorse, and this time we’re delving deep into his latest EP released on Frozen Fox Records, titled (heart)riddim(heart)breaks. This EP showcases how far Kapsyz has come in developing its own unique sound, alongside high-level production skills and abilities.

The E.P. kicks off with “Two Hearts” which works as the opener, setting a melodic and energetic soundscape, alongside some vocal samples hidden faintly in the background, leaving pure anticipation for what’s to come next. This track perfectly fades into the next tune, “LOSECTRL”.

This track begins by taking the energy created in the previous track and sets it into a plan in motion. Using breakbeats and melodic vocal samples to create a build, KAPSYZ truly uses what he knows best and puts it to work. When the drop hits, it’s pure raw energy. The first half is melodic in nature, but quickly transfers you into a neck-breaking brostep section that devastated its audience. 

Next up we have “A Certain Scientific Riddim” which is an absolute dance floor banger, When this track kicks in it is nothing but pure energy and dubstep basses. The smashing kick and snare force your body to rock back and forth as the drop rails through your speakers. The second drop on this however takes a more melodic approach with its tonality and makes you feel more comfortable and happy as opposed to the previous drop, which acts as a nice little breather while still allowing its listers to ride out to a beat. Last but not least, however, we have one final track on the E.P. to cover.

This fourth and final track is titled “Love Taste” and opens with a vocal chorus and some breakbeats. IT quickly takes you into a build that ramps up into an energetic explosion. With the dark tonality of the basses used and the brostep/riddim patterns, this first drop of “Love Taste” will be perfect to add to your live sets as this summer festival season comes to a close. It brings raw energy and old-school sounds all together in one palette that works perfectly well together. 

Overall, “(heart) riddim (heart) breaks” showcases KAPSYZ in his prime right now. He constantly releases absolute bangers, and this collection of tracks perfectly shows you what he is capable of. Captivating drops and stellar production value, this E.P. takes all of the elements you have come to learn and love from KAPSYZ and blends them all into one cohesive listen that never has a stagnant moment.

Be sure to follow KAPSYZ at the links below and stream “(heart)riddim(heart)breaks” on all major platforms! 

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