Kenekted Collective Brings uSAYbFLOW & RØNAN (Canada Debut) to Windsor, Ontario This July 14th [Event Write-Up]

Kenekted Collective Is Set To Bring Toronto’s uSAYbFLOW, and Michigan, U.S.-Based RØNAN (Canadian Debut) to Windsor, Ontario, Canada with Local Talent Clomp, HAVEK, & Jemz Stoned.

As RØNAN‘s International Debut – We Chat w/ Him About The Event, This Milestone, & What We Can Expect From His Set & The Rest Of 2023.

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

The people of Windsor, Ontario are gearing up to be force-fed bananas, riddim, uSAYbFLOW, and the international debut performance of rising Grand Rapids, Michigan-based bass music producer RØNAN this July 14th at Turbo Espresso Bar.

pictured: RØNAN

Headlining the event by Kenekted is nonother than – Toronto, Canada‘s own banana-suit-wearing, high-knee jumping, and riddim-chopping artist known as uSAYbFLOW. Opening up the evening and playing direct support for RØNAN are locals Clomp, HAVEK, and Jemz Stoned.

pictured: RØNAN | by: Sierra Skye Betchel

RØNAN being a Monsoon Season alumni, filthy guest mix provider, featured in several articles, interviews, and, and overall has been a major supporter since our genesis; so with that being said; his international debut is a big deal to not only him but his fans and also here in the storm.

pictured: uSAYbFLOW

In recent months, RØNAN has been growing his brand, refining his sound design, and ultimately making music people didn’t know they wanted to hear. At the end of the day, that’s a DJ’s job – to deliver sounds and experiences you didn’t know you wanted to hear and feel.

Giving us plenty of examples of the past two years, RØNAN has grown his discography with bangers like The Balrog, Dior, and Stupid Muff with Lowke his debut album titled “False Dichotomy” via Electrostep Network, and plenty of collabs and remixes to add fuel to his raging fire.

So if any of this sounds like your cup of tea, you like underground bass music as we do, or just like to support rising artists – be sure to head to Windsor to see uSAYbFLOW, RØNAN, Clomp, HAVEK, and Jemz Stoned tear the roof off of the place and make memories together. See you in the pit 🙂

Last Minute Tickets: CLICK HERE

Let’s Catch Up w/ RØNAN

Q1: Welcome back to our downpour, RØNAN! For anyone who doesn’t know, our new readers, and your soon-to-be fans, can you briefly tell us about yourself and the music you make?

A1: Pleased to be back with the sultans of storm! I’m absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity and without further babbling, I am Mike, also known by my superhero name RØNAN. I have a passion for heavy bass music most of which falls into the dubstep category. At the core, my music is about emotional storytelling. We as humans are born to create, share, and enjoy stories and I happen to have found my passion in bringing my stories to life sonically (and soon with an added visual layer that I’m excited to share).

pictured: RØNAN | by: Kayla Baer

Q2: You’re gearing up to play Kenekted Collective’s event as direct support for uSAYbFLOW in Windsor, Canada as your international debut performance. Please give us the full breakdown of what you’re feeling right now and what this performance means to you.

A2: MILESTONE moment. Still getting the chills from head to toe. I have always had great belief in myself, but to be afforded the chance to share the music I create in a new country? I am just humbled at the chance to live a literal dream I didn’t even think was possible not that long ago. I cannot wait to share the stage with USAYBFLOW and celebrate the heaviest dubstep jams we can dig up with my soon-to-be amazing new friends of Windsor.

pictured: RØNAN | by: Sierra Skye Betchel

Q3: In what ways do you feel this international debut will open doors and bring more opportunities to the RØNAN project?

A3: For all of the people who have supported me, this will be our validation. For my team that works tirelessly to push me to greater heights with my artistry and what I can achieve with this passion, this will just heat us up even more. We will be focused on new places, venues, and experiences to connect with those that resonate with the RØNAN brand. I will make the most for any host, that’s a promise.

Q4: Have you been outside the United States? If so, where was it, and if not, are you prepared to visit our neighbors to the north? Don’t forget that passport!

A4: This will be my fourth time in Canada, so thankfully I am familiar with and have enjoyed the country very much in my travels. Though this experience will probably take the cake. 

I have been blessed to also visit Belize, Ireland, The Netherlands, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and a number of Caribbean Islands. I hope that the RØNAN project will take me to countless more. As much as I love to share stories, there are so many stories to hear as well and travel allows for such potent teachings.

Q5: In regards to your set, what can listeners and folks in the crowd look forward to?

A5: I bring my all to every set energy-wise, so we won’t stop once we get started. Intensity, lethal dubstep drops, IDs you won’t hear from anyone else, some originals that I will be debuting, selections from the best of my friends, and what’s a set without some classic multigenre surprises? 

Q6: What other countries are on your must-visit/must-perform list? 

A6: Rampage Open Air in Europe. Hands down. Near-term contenders: Mexico, Japan, Australia, and any of the European countries. 

Q7: What more can RØNAN fans and enthusiasts look forward to for the rest of the year? More music, more events, and more RØNAN we assume? Let the people know what you’re up to!

A7: My representation (stay tuned for this) is about to flex hard. We have been working behind the scenes to take the RØNAN project to new heights so on that note: exciting collaborations, big label announcements, a full brand refresh, music videos, merch, and festival dates. TLDR, we are not playing anymore. RØNAN legacy is coming.

Thank you to the fine folks at Monsoon Season and shout out to Kenekted Collective! See you soon Windsor, and bring your ENERGY for me. You’ll need it.

pictured: RØNAN | by: Sierra Skye Betchel

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