The Dowdy Brothers Get Listeners Wet w/ New “Bottles & Jacuzzis” Bass Fusion Single [Track Write-Up]

Reno, NV‘s The Dowdy Brothers Soak The Masses w/ Their New Dubstep Fusion – Bottles & Jacuzzis Single Just In Time To Cool The Crowds From The Summer Heat

Immerse Yourselves In The Sounds Of The Dowdy Brothers as They Deliver Banger After Banger, Slapper After Slapper, Bottles Of Bubbly, Sitting Cozy In The “Cuzzi”

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

Nevada is notoriously known for hiding things. Whether they’re hiding aliens at Area 51, people hiding their winnings after a wild night at the casino in Las Vegas, or in the case of The Dowdy Brothers, they’re a hidden gem located in the arid deserts and dusty cityscapes of Reno.

These two stardom-bound rising electronic producers who make up the brotherly duo, Dialect HD and Doc Aun, The Dowdy Brothers, and their new track “Bottles And Jacuzzis” is hot off the press and we are pleased to report on the fresh and forward-thinking dubstep fusion release.

What fans and listeners can expect from the new tune is a sleek and minimalistic instrumental intro that fades into a build-up, backed by deepened vocal stamps looping “Bottles and Jacuzzis” before the drop hits. Each drop is a contemporary fusion of oriental instruments and substantive basslines, brimming with danceable appeal and allure.


The Dowdy Brothers share this comment with us:

We were fresh off our release for last year and our Burning Man [Music Festival] performances and we always get that energy when we go to Burning Man where we’re ready to get back to work and make bangers. This was one of the first beats we made as soon as we got back.


The Dowdy Brothers do an exceptional job of bringing the two (often dissonant when mixed) genres together to make up Bottle and Jacuzzis“. Where one is light and graceful, the other comes in, contrasting it, and ultimately complimenting it with the heavy, deep, and thrilling basslines.

Keep your eyes primed and peeled, because this duo is doing it right and have the music to prove it.
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Bottles and Jacuzzis | OUT NOW

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