Eckhaus Drops New Exclusive Dubstep/Rap EP Titled “Tales From Beneath” On Our Record Label [EP Write-Up]

Eckhaus Releases His NEW Three-Track EP On Our Record Label Tales From Beneath – Featuring Rapper PHLLY BLNT on Two Tracks and One Solo Production

Let’s Chat w/ Eckhaus About His New EP, Each Track Sick N Twisted“, “Spaced Out“, (both featuring PHLLY BLNT) & “That Shit Go, How They All Came To Be, + What More We Can Expect in 2023 From This Rising Talent In Our Exclusive Interview

EDM Weather Report By: Garth Jones & Curator Presents

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Writer Garth gives us his thoughts on the first two tracks “Sick N Twisted” and “Spaced Out”, follow by team writer Curator Presents giving their final remarks on “That Shit Go”

We bring you here today to celebrate the release of Eckhaus‘s new EP titled “Tales From Beneath” on our emerging record label sector. In this brand new extended play you can expect to find three new hypnotizing and headbang-worthy tracks Sick N Twisted”, “Spaced Out”, andThat Shit Go.

The first track, Sick N Twisted ft. PHLLY BLNT starts the EP off with a bang and sets the tone and it’s not happy and chipper. Eckhaus does an exceptional job at asserting dominance in this production with snappy pre-drop vocals from PHLLY BLNT, authoritative rap verses, and backing them with larger-than-life basslines; all coming together in one sick and twisted production.

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Spaced Out (ft. PHLLY BLNT)
gravitates listeners inward with the intro’s eerie digital noise and cosmic guitar riffs that lead into a deepened chants looping the quoted “Bass Got Me Spaced Out” – “Keep That Ass Up & Face Down” before a berserk bassline takes over the auditory landscape. Usage of sample work is peppered throughout the track, even a small quote regarding space exploration from former U.S. President J.F.K. is chopped up and scattered throughout the release – giving it an extra dose of that outer space feel and gravitas.

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Team Writer, Brandon Rafferty gives us his thoughts via his Curator Coverage on “That Shit Go”

This track instantly captivated me when the guitar began to fade in on the intro. The suspense it creates while the drums slowly filtered in behind it was truly stellar work. The drop however threw me for a loop when it decided to completely come in with a fake out drop, at that point, I knew all bets were off.

The drop completely smacked you in the eardrums with these insane telephone style basses that sit just right in the ear yet completely make you feel overwhelmed and suffocated. This track is hands down one that is going into my future sets.

I feel it properly captures an insane amount of energy while also displaying truly unique sound design all around. I look forward from hearing more from this artist in the future! – Curator Coverage

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Let’s Chat w/

Interview by: Garth Jones

Q1: It’s finally release day! How does it feel to have all three tracks out to the masses for them to enjoy?

Eckhaus: First off, I want to start by saying thank you to you guys and the team for believing in my music. I am honored to be featured on this label and to be the first EP.

pic by: Kap Off Media

Q2: On both tracks, Sick N Twisted & Spaced Out, they feature PHLLY BLNT. Who is PHLLY BLNT?

Eckhaus:  PHLLY BLNT is the lyrical extension of my music career. Known for, but not limited to, features and collaborations with artists that sit outside the focal range of the Eckhaus project.

pic by: Kap Off Media

Q3: “That Shit Go” is one of the craziest tunes on the EP. Walk us through the development of that track and how it came to be what it is today.

Eckhaus: It started out as just a sound design file. After making one drop, I immediately wrote the second. Both drops having that false drop. When I wrote the intro/break, I went back to file a couple more times before really finishing it and adding the guitar samples. 

pic by: Kap Off Media

Q4: The name of the EP needs some backstory. What does “Tales From Beneath” mean to you and how does it tie into the body of work?

Eckhaus: Well the “Beneath” means the underground music scene. Being someone who is still very much an underground artist I felt it was only right to give it that name. Also it just sounds dark and mysterious, kinda what I was going for in the production of this project.

Q5: What else can we expect from Eckhaus in 2023?

Eckhaus: I have two shows this month (OneZen Fest & Summer Shindig). Also, I am working on a bunch of new music maybe another EP on the horizon, as well as a side project with my good friend Hippie Trap titled Hudson Funk Junction.

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