Scafetta’s New Dark & Ominous Rocktronic/Dubstep Track “EVIL” Single Features Metal Vocals from SMOKEY [Track Write-Up]

Scafetta Taps Into His Inner-Villain To Deliver Metal/Dubstep Fusion Single “EVIL” feat. SMOKEY – Giving The Masses A Dark Bass Tune They Didn’t Know They Wanted

Storm Report By: Garth Jones

Halloween has officially arrived 5 months early with the release of Buffalo-based music producer Scafetta‘s new rocktronic/dubstep demolisher single titled “EVIL” which features metal/screamo vocals from SMOKEY.

This release is for the fans of the heavy, the horror, and the hedonistic music aficionados in all of us. Scafetta develops a truly bewildering bass music production in this new track that shines on all the best of what we love about dark electronic and metal music all under the same roof.

Scafetta | by: Double Lens Productions

From the haunting intro to the menacing vocals by SMOKEY and crunching basslines, this bewildering soundscape will leave a chill on the back of your neck.

Together, we get the full package here of what we know and love about Scafetta‘s prowess and capabilities to infuse rocktronic elements into his releases.

Recently, Scafetta has been tapping into these types of tracks, remixes, and originals such as his latest remixes of Asking Alexandria’s “A Prophecy”, and Piece The Veil’s “King For A Day” , and with more to come, we are all at the edge of our seat.

Scafetta is a powerhouse who cannot be stopped. Keep your eyes peeled and primed on this space to stay updated on new music releases, event announcements, and more from this undead icon of the underground.


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