Daunter Delivers Redux Flip for “Better Off Alone” by Alice Deejay [Track Write-Up + Artist Interview]

Sacramento‘s Burgeoning Artist Daunter Puts His Bass Spin On Alice Deejay‘s Mega Hit “Better Off Alone” – Opening Up About The Process & Motivations To Create This Magical Flip

Storm Report By: Garth Jones

As the first flip in Daunter‘s new series, we are graced with the riveting redux flip of Alice Deejay‘s well-known techno track “Better Off Alone”, and the results are astounding!

Daunter has been on an upward trajectory as of late with several massive label releases on BASSSCVLT, Beast Trap Records, gaining recognition from blogs like EDMTrain, (and us), along with more to come this year – so we are white-knuckling awaiting what is next.

Get ready to bolt to the nearest dance floor after experiencing this magical production that shines on the classic and contemporary in today’s electronic music from this rising Sacramento-based producer.

By the end of this flip, you’ll be singing “Do You Think You’re Better Off Alone” up and down the street, headbanging the whole way!

pic: Daunter

Let’s Chat w/ Daunter and get the inside scoop on this flip!

Q1: Tell us about this Redux Flip that just dropped. What led to the creation, your inspirations, and delivery of this flip?

Daunter: First off, thank you so much for the support on this! Truly means a lot to me! Earlier this year I told myself I wanted to start making flips; yet I didn’t know where to start. My mentor gave me advice on creating a flip of a classic song that’s well known inside and outside of EDM. I was driving to work and my playlist had the original “Better Off Alone” on it; and it finally clicked to me “HEY! I have an idea!”.

As soon as I got home, I looked up the BPM, found the acapella and went to work. Since I am going with the bass route of music, I wanted to do a take on “Better Off Alone” to bring nostalgia to listeners but also create a really heavy bass drop.

The idea came together within a few hours after writing multiple drops; and I failed a lot at first to get it down right (he laughs).

My inspirations for flips definitely come from Felmax, Antihero, Neotek, Pixel Terror, and Ghastly. I feel these artists have some of the hardest and nastiest edits, especially when Felmax and Antihero come together for flips, they are so good each time! I look up to them. 

pic: Daunter

Q2: What presented itself as the most challenging aspect of making this variation and how did you overcome it?

Daunter: Putting the old school feel of the track, using new synths for the track and somehow blending it with heavy bass was a task. I wrote at least ten different ways I could make the transition clean and relevant to the drop.

For a week I actually had writers block on this flip and needed to take a break. The way I overcame the issue was to reflect on myself; and analyze the source as to why I started music in the first place as well as what inspired me. It’s also good to take breaks from working too much to avoid ear fatigue. It’s definitely helped me a lot with the writing process.

Also, you need to have fun when making music! If you’re not having fun making music, then what’s the point? 

Q3: Can we expect to hear more remixes, flips, or bootlegs this year?

Daunter: Yes! Absolutely! I have a good portion of flips that I am going to be releasing over the next few months. The next flip I am releasing is a highly popular track that has over 100 million plays. The original track is also one of my favorite tracks of all time and I get really hyped when I hear it live. I am looking forward to releasing my other flips as well! 

Q4: What’s next for Daunter? Let the people know what you have cooking up this summer. 

Daunter: I will have a show coming up in July, I am writing a sample pack, finishing up collaborations, and writing a ton of new music with my sound design. I am actually working on my own vocal recordings which is new for me.  I also have a flip that I collaborated with a good friend of mine and it’s probably one of the coolest flips we worked on because of how fast it came together. 

Thank you, Daunter!


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