Rage-Bot Locks On Target w/ Dubstep Single “BLINDED” via High Caliber Records [Track Write-Up]

Denver, Colorado’s Rage-Bot Aims, Fires, & Delivers A Black Eye of Bass w/ His NEW Dubstep Release Titled “BLINDED” Exclusively on High Caliber Records

Storm Report By: Garth Jones

art by: Fatal Media

Who is Rage-Bot? You may be asking yourself this very question as you are reading our article on “BLINDED”, his new bass-forward dubstep hit on High Caliber Records. We’re going to break down who the machine is, what’s great about his new song, and where you can catch him perform next in Colorado.

pic: Rage-Bot

Firstly, Jalen Gasner, the human behind the mask, is best known in his Coloradan landscape as Rage-Bot as a rising electronic bass music producer who has been cutting his teeth on the local scene for nearly a decade with plenty of music to show for it resting in his audio arsenal.

His new label release “BLINDED” on HCR is a whirlwind of suspense and wild ride of the senses. We get the full dose of bass and heavy artillery that Rage-Bot effortlessly develops in his productions, all neatly packed in the 3:29 duration of the new single, leaving the listener hyped and ready to RAGE.

From the get-go, Rage-Bot furnishes the intro to pull the listener in eerily. Then leading us into the first build-up peppered with wicked drum work, and a deeply manipulated vocal of “I’m Gonna Make You Bounce, Back That Ass Up” chanting in the background.

Rage-Bot | pic by: Cassie Goldgehn

Then, boom! We are introduced to the first drop and it is ungodly. “BLINDED” is fun, exciting, and structured so uniquely. Followed by it’s upgraded second drop that takes the listener inside the mind of the machine at work. A true treat to all bassheads and rage-ready headbangers blaring this release.

With “BLINDED” under his belt, released to the masses, and locking itself into the discography of Rage-Bot‘s audio weaponry – we know whatever is next to come for this producer is going to be even more next level and potent than the last.

You can expect to see Rage-Bot perform in his home state of Colorado at both his forthcoming sets in Colorado Springs with Stabby, Substance D, and Ozztin at Steel Pan Pizza on Saturday, June 17th presented by Professional Headbangerz.

(Colorado Springs)

ALSO IN – Denver at Your Moms House on Friday, June 30th with Krushendo, Top Brahman, Prismatic, Slasha, and King Kobra presented by Elevated Production Co., Boogie Groove Ent., Tchaikovsky – Bad Wolf Ent., and Party Guru Productions.


Your Moms House | Denver, Colorado

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pic: Rage-Bot


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