BERRIX Drops Final Jaw-Dropping Neurofunk Single of 4-Track “BLOODLUST” EP via BASSX Records [EP Write-Up]

Florida’s BERRIX Puts Out Final Track “Bloodlust” To Finish His 4-Piece Bloodlust EP on BassX Records/MMXVAC Alongside “Breakpoint”, “Gates Of Hell, and “The Ascent” – All Of Which Have Been Released Over The Last Few Months

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Over the past couple of months, BERRIX has been giving us the slow drip with the release of his latest tracks from his Bloodlust EP. One heater after another, have been succumbed to the power and attention to detail BERRIX has been administering into his 2023 releases.

Those first three tracks were “Gates Of Death”, “The Ascent”, and “Breakpoint”. Now, the fourth and final installment to the EP is out now, and that is -“BLOODLUST“, the flagship track to the extended play exclusively on BassX Records.

BLOODLUST” starts out with an orchestral intro that layers in several instrumental pieces that give off the vibe that this track will be large and grand. The suspenseful build continues to grows with intensity and vigor before the initial drops takes centerstage and it’s an all-out assault to the senses.

The cinematic and alluring soundscapes develop in perfect fashion accompanied by its bass counterparts into one helluva listening experience for bassheads and fans alike.

BLOODLUST is the ideal finale to an EP of this nature. All encompassing and each track complimenting the next while each track being a standalone powerhouse hit.

Crowds can now binge-listen to this track, place it on their favorite high-octane playlists, or catch BERRIX live and hear it in-person.

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BLOODLUST is OUT NOW on all major streaming platforms

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