Arizona’s Pedal Bike Productions Aims To Provide Tech, Light & Sound For The Underground [Industry News]

Rising Arizona-Based Sound & Lighting Company –
Pedal Bike Productions Is Bringing Their Live Experience To The Masses In The Southwest

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Who Is Pedal Bike Productions?

Devon Baldauf, owner and manager of Pedal Bike Productions, is a rising audio engineer and entrepreneur in the Southwest, primarily in the greater Arizona area.

His company, Pedal Bike Productions aims to provide high-quality audio and lighting to not only Arizona but the larger Southwest area. Where concerts, parties and gatherings need speakers, lighting, or an immersive experience for their attendees, Pedal Bike Productions is here for the needs you demand. That is their mission as a service provider in today’s music markets and their area is taking notice.

Devon Baldouf tells us: “We chose our name because many festivals, namely –Burning Man and June Jam, you can bring a bicycle and use it to ride between stages. Thus, we create productions for you to pedal your bike to!”

Starting out as a group of local audio enthusiasts, Pedal Bike Productions came to fruition when they saw room for growth within the Phoenician sound system culture and community.

As fans, they had not only the smarts, but the passion for their quality products, equipment, and the type of service they aimed to provide to their clients. They decided to choose HSD Sound Systems (formerly known as Hennessey Sound Design) for their service, simply because they knew the level of top-notch quality this brand would bring to their fans and that was the most important aspect for them.

At Pedal Bike, they pride themselves on delivering a quality experience that is not only heard and seen, but an experience that can be felt through state of the art audio technology. PBP also accompanies their sound deployments with mesmerizing LED lighting to captivate crowds in addition to their staggering sound. With these highly-impactful sensory components in their arsenal, they can supply truly immersive experiences for fans, listeners, and clients, all in one package.

Devon [Baldauf] mentions: “Our goal is to bring talented underrepresented underground music artists to Phoenix, Arizona and give them a quality production platform to showcase their sound/music”

Who Have They Worked With?

They’ve booked rising artists such as Toadface, LitaLotus, Sling Wave, Indubitably, Trip Drop, and Mastuh. They have also worked with local music collectives such as IDGAFNK, Eleventh House, and Insert Sound. Along with many notable festival clients such as Gem and Jam, June Jam, Copper State Beer Festival, Hot Import Nights 25th Year anniversary, and Phoenix First Friday, the folks over at Pedal Bike Productions are building quite the repertoire of clients, customers, and most importantly, fans.

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Lets Chat w/ Devon Baldauf
Owner & Manager of Pedal Bike Productions

Question 1: Where and when did this all begin for Pedal Bike Productions?

Devon: If you want the VERY beginning, it was One Vibration 2018, that was the very first time I experienced a Henney Rig.
For our business itself, it began in mid-2021, when I just couldn’t get enough of that HSD Sound experience. There wasn’t an HSD Sound System to be had within several hundred miles of Phoenix. That’s when it was decided that a high-quality, low-frequency sound is what Arizona’s dance music community needed.

Question 2: What is your mission statement? 

Devon: Our mission at Pedal Bike Productions is to provide an immersive high fidelity audio and lighting experience for Phoenix Arizona, and the greater Southwest.

Question 3: You aim to serve the greater Southwest areas, but do you hope to see your brand expand into other states, regions, and markets?

Devon: One day, that would be the goal! Expand to cover the continental US, with unmatched quality services, people will ask for by name

Question 4: When is that you feel your job has been accomplished? Is it the roar of the crowd when the bass, sound, and lights captivate an audience, or is it deeper than that? Can you expand on this rewarding feeling? 

Devon: My job is only accomplished if everyone on the dancefloor is enjoying themselves and moving! Part of that is making it sound freakin’ phenomenal. As you put it, captivate people with sound. It all ties together in what feels rewarding, the roar of the crowd no doubt is a high of its own. But the sweet tight bass the Battle Axes pump through myself and the bodies of the crowd, and the HSD Mantas shining with such accuracy and clarity, they all practically give you an out of body experience. It simply makes me the most happy to share such a high quality display of sound, with a connected group of people.

Question 5: What has been the most challenging aspect of running a sound and lighting business? How did you overcome that challenge as a team?

Devon: The most challenging aspect is finding the time to properly market the business to potential clients. Like most people who get started in the music industry, I work a 9-5 on the weekdays. On top of balancing all of life’s regular responsibilities, knowing where to even begin when trying to find potential clients can be daunting. But, we have gotten some of our most notable gigs, through cold emailing potential clients that we think would be a good fit! At the end of the day, it’s a numbers game, so you have to just keep putting things out in order to get them back!

Besides that, moving 330 pound subwoofers (Devon laughs)

Questions 6: What can fans, audiences, and past/future clients expect for the rest of 2023 and beyond? 

Devon: What can be expected from Pedal Bike Productions is constant growth, and a commitment to quality and professional reliability. We pride ourselves on our boutique display of audio and accompaniment of LED lighting technology, and strive to make events unique and memorable for our clients with our services.

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