MEGAHURTZ & Scafetta’s “Feelings” Gets A 3- Track Remix EP via Dirtysnatcha Records & High Caliber Records [EP Write-Up]

MEGAHURTZ & Scafetta‘s Collab on “Feelings” Gets Remixed by PixelGrowlz, Midnight Cruze, & Haymakers via Dual-Label Release by Dirtysnatcha Records + High Caliber Records

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Art By: Fatal Media

Not but 4 months ago, we were all graced with MEGAHURTZ & Scafetta’s groundbreaking metal/dubstep (rocktronic) collaboration “Feelings” via the co-label release by Dirtysnatcha Records + High Caliber Records. The soft but impactful vocals, nasty guitar riffs, and explosive drops were looping in all of our heads and on repeat as a household underground anthem before the year’s end.

But behind the scenes, shortly after, something more sinister was at work… A Remix Contest resulting in an EP, which would become a body of work consisting of international talent and otherworldly results. Upon release, we discovered that PixelGrowlz, Midnight Cruze, and Haymakers made the top three winning spots that would total the remix EP and each one is pure and utter gas. Let’s dive into each and see what makes up the three winning slots.

PixelGrowlz Remix – #1

Germany-based PixelGrowlz (side alias Voxelware) does a severe number on their iteration on Feelings with a massive colored bass/dubstep remix. While honoring the core elements of the rocktronic fusion track, this producer puts down a brilliant flare to the track with impressive and fast-paced growls and crushing basslines. Winning the #1 spot on the remix EP undeniably makes sense because this remix is out of this world. We have a feeling this won’t be the last time we hear about this producer. Congrats to you, PixelGrowlz.

Midnight Cruze Remix – #2

TX, CA, COUS-based Midnight Cruze pulls up to the function with a high-rev remix of Feelings and we are honking our horns, slapping the dash, and running red lights to the beat-work. Drifting into the remix EP with a hard trap/bass variant that is massive in appeal and even larger with its creative direction. Using low frequency basslines and bouncy drops, this addition to the EP makes total and complete sense as a winner. Immensely well-deserved on the #2 “parking” spot. Congrats, Midnight Cruze.

Haymakers Remix – #3

Florida-based Haymakers leaves listeners jaw-dropped with their addition to the remix EP of Feelings. Elevating the original with a mesmerizing dose of bass but even more so – fancy footwork on the drum patterns. The intro to the reiteration is a textbook drumline syncopation that keeps the vocal in the background before speeding it up via an all out assault with drawn out basslines and devastating amount of teeth-grinding drops. It’s damn near movie-like what Haymakers has come up with and leaves no survivors in its brutality. Landing on the #3 winning spot is a total no-brainer. Congrats to Haymakers on such a powerhouse remix.



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