Biophaze Records Releases End Of Year “NYE Drum N’ Bass Compilation” Featuring 12 Artists & 11 Tracks [Album Write-Up]

Biophaze Records Unleashes The Ultimate Drum & Bass Compilation Packed w/ 12 Artists Putting Forth 11 Explosive Tracks | We Provide Coverage on the High-Energy DnB Release

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones

Tracks From:
Kenan Belzner | Skitzoid | JAM P R D | Junger | VOLATEC & RIBKVGE | BvssFlux | GRYM | WAVEBITE | MurlockHolms | Quivile | LAEM

Goodbye 2022 // Welcome 2023

Spanning an impressive 39:20, this finale to the 2022 year is brimming with talent from the Drum & Bass sector via Biophaze Records’ NYE DnB Compilation. Not to mention an international collection of artists all showing their personal interpretation of what drum & bass can sound like in their vision.

The spectrum in this compilation is wide and jam-packed with heat. From the high mountain tops of Colorado to the arid landscapes of Texas, to the atmospheres of Poland, Argentina, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Australia, and Toronto – Canada, this compilation strikes gold in terms of representation of the world’s best and brightest of the underground.

Drum & Bass is extremely well-received in nearly all hemispheres of the globe due to its high-energy velocity and ability to move crowds to it heart-pounding zeal and vivacity.

Here in the States, the vigorous genre is taking shape and finding its market faster than people can really dive deep into its nitty-gritty history where it all began and exploded. But, as with any rising and remerging genre – the masses are infatuated and this compilation is a testament to its power as a lifeforce in the music industry.

Biophaze Records has done it again with its abilities to put out pure bangers of heat that get its audience and listeners shaking to its beats. So, be sure to play, hit repeat, and share this compilation with your existing DnB fans and force feed it to any non-believer of how powerful this genre really is.



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