M4RTINI – ‘GTFO’ | Veridian Records Release | NEW Bass-Heavy Banger [Track Write-Up]

San Antonio, TX‘s M4RTINI Debuts On Veridian Records w/ ‘GTFO‘, A New Heavy Dubstep Heater Shaking The State Of Texas

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones

Everything is bigger in Texas. From the State itself to the music it effortlessly harbors. The Lonestar State delivers once again on vast and expansive sound, the powerhouse tune from San Antonio’s very own Andrew Martinez, or better known as M4RTINI – titled ‘GTFO‘ exclusively on Veridian Records.


pictured: M4RTINI

‘GTFO’, begins epically with ominous yet aggressive bits and loudening barks as a authoritative voice slowly crescendos into the beat. This sets the tone for what is to come, and by all means, prepare for a bass beatdown.

M4RTINI does a number on the rest of the track by implementing a fiery rapper blaring through the track, spitting bars, and dropping serious bombs on the track. The perfect mix of rap/hip-hop and dubstep.

“If You’re Looking For A Handout
Get The F**k Up Off My Block”

Keep your eyes peeled for M4RTINI as he’s slated to have a monumental forthcoming 2023 year. Taking over the state of Texas and beyond. For now, revel in his newest release ‘GTFO‘ – exclusively on Veridian Records.

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