Astroreign Makes An Impact w/ His Newest Melodic Future Bass Tune – “I’m Still Breathing” [Track Write-Up]

Australia‘s Intergalactic Dubstep Producer – Astroreign Hits Us Like An Asteroid w/ ‘I’m Still Breathing‘ – After A Brief Hiatus, Returning Strong

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones


As previously stated, Astroreign, the Melbourne-based, Australian bass music producer took a brief hiatus and now has returned with a fresh melodic/future bass and boy, does it have us shaking!

The combination of melodic bass & future bass is ultra-satisfying on the eardrums and just the right amount of heavy to hold you over. Astroreign seemingly has a hay day in the first portion of the track, laying out all of the core pieces to the track and by the second drop has arranged them in such a way that is textbook and skillfully done.

pictured: Astroreign

The future is bright for this lad and we are thrilled to see it. His music keeps evolving, taking new shape, and adapting to his newly acquired knowledge he consumes daily. He is a true artisan of his craft.

Keep your eyes peeled to the skies as Astroreign takes over the atmospheres in 2023. For now, blast his new tune “I’m Still Breathing” – out now on most major streaming platforms.


SoundCloud [Free Download]

Words From Astroreign

“Releasing on December 15, “I’m Still Breathing” is a track that means a whole lot to me as I was going through a tough time when I started it. I was desperate for an outlet for my feelings.
The making of this track was one of the essential ingredients to start picking myself up and getting my shit together, the sign I needed to look on the bright side of things. Every time I listen to this track I relive my recovery.
It’d mean a whole lot if you could join me in remembering both the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

pictured: Astroreign

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