RØNAN + Lowke – ‘Wrecked It’ [Underground Overlords Vol. 1] Riddim Network & Electrostep Network Release

RØNAN and Lowke Put An Indent In Underground Overlords Volume 1 With Their Collaborative Track ‘Wrecked It‘ Via Electrostep Network & Riddim Network

Written by: Garth Jones

“Are you ready, my son?” Is an understatement for what is to happen in this collaboration between the two artists. This maniacal and riveting track titled ‘Wrecked It’ slaps and slashes its way into your eardrums with no regard for a painless experience. We and most bass music fans and enthusiasts can agree, we love that.

left: RØNAN// right: Lowke
photo: nickvanloon.com

Taking it up notch after notch, each drop speaks a new language every time and doesn’t let up. Seemingly, this riddim tune has done a number with the masses and catches the listener’s ear in no time at all and leaving its mark along the way. Every time I hit replay, I succumbed to a new facet or area of the track I didn’t notice before, allowing me to realize this is a highly textured piece of art.

As RØNAN expresses in his quote below, he and Lowke’s friendship ultimately persevered through increasingly troublesome times with the irrefutable power of music. This collaboration is a true testament to what these two share as friends and together they triumphed resulting in “Wrecked It”. Now that is groundbreaking and evident that music is as binding as ever before.

The compilation as a whole features a multitude of talented underground bass music artists. We know several of them from social media in addition to folks that have been featured here on the blog. A very refreshing sight to see so many familiar faces (names) in one place.

photo: nickvanloon.com

Honorable mentions to Decipher, Hippieflipped, Spookybro, Scafetta, Mr. Fink, Espioth, Lidez, Dylan Heckert, and Lethal. A massive collection of truly remarkable and ascending artists who are making their imprint in the industry. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to have worked with such an outstanding class of musicians.


This song was something that Tyler (Lowke) and I created in the midst of a dark period in our friendship. Where things weren’t honestly going the best for either of us. This song signified us breaking those old habits. To kill off and ‘Wreck” those old versions of ourselves. 
Out of that difficult period had come our newest masterpiece “Wrecked It.” We wanted to say thank you so much for all the love and support of the teams at Electrostep Network, and Riddim Network. For believing in us as much as we believe in them. – said RØNAN

[Stream ‘Wrecked It’ Here]

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