Crimson Scar Drops 3 Tracks Off On Crowsnest Audio‘s Doorstep Packaged As The ‘Blood & Gold‘ EP Starting It Off WIth ‘Phoenix

Written by: Brandon Rafferty

Crowsnest Audio completely obliterates their listeners yet again in their newest single released by the masked maniac known as “Crimson Scar”. In this latest heater titled “Phoenix”, we are introduced to some truly unique sounds and ideas conveyed throughout, while keeping a consistent sense of brutality and aggression projected to us through the use of heavy basses and smashing drums. “Phoenix” is a must-have to add to your live sets, and in this write-up, I’ll dig a little deeper into the overall track.

We start with a nice drum beat accompanied by some higher-pitched vocal swells, setting an almost older styled dubstep vibe to it, while also keeping things fresh with some unique kick patterns throughout the section. We are soon introduced to this high-pitched synth that I can only describe as a “spiral synth”, as it has this sense of spinning and being surrounded, almost suffocated by the sounds and progression we are given as it is turned into a build.

As we rise through the build, you can tell all hell is about to break loose, and you know that’s a fact when you hear what I believe is a church bell play as all other sounds break to silence. We hear the gut-wrenching screams of “rise from the ashes” as we smash our way into the drop. 

This drop is purely devastating, there is no other way to describe it. The heavily distorted growl hits you while you get this rhythmic synth that could be considered a bark bass carrying you throughout. The atmosphere and tone are perfectly established through white noise-type effects and subtle backing ambiance that just gives you a sense of dread throughout. As we continue you get snippets of that spiral bass I mentioned earlier, adding even more stress to the brain and body in all the right ways. Just as you think you’re getting to the end of the drop, he completely switches upon us and gives us a hardstyle section! Not only that, but it’s the type that really focuses on the kick drum, really just letting it rail you as the sub smashes to the beat. 

Once we approach the second drop, we get a little more variety of the first drop sounds, and it just is here to remind us that Crimson Scar is relentless with his heavy craft. This track is absolutely insane and I seriously hope to hear it played out throughout the rest of the year in peoples’ sets. It’s just an absolute banger that has a really great live presence.

Go Check out Crimson Scar‘s “Phoenix” on Crowsnest Audio on all platforms now! 

[Stream ‘Pheonix’ Here]

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