OpasK – ‘PVN¢H1NG B4G’ | [Track Write-Up/Artist Interview] Genre-Defying Artist With Music That Moves The Mind

Virginia -Based Genreless Music Producer OpasK Hits Repeatedly With His High Energy Self-Release Titled ‘PVN¢H1NG B4G‘ –

Written by: Garth Jones

We should start with a warning, siren, or practice drill for what you’re about to experience but we decided watching you dance maniacally and omit rage and anarchy would be a much more fun sight and story to hear.

If you like your music fast, gritty, and with side effects of sweat droplets, we invite you to the next paragraph. If you don’t, we ask that you keep it to yourself because we like energy and hyperfast music that evokes eruptive emotions.

There’s no simple way to put it. I opened an email from OpasK asking for a write-up on the track laying in front of you today and I was certainly shocked at what he had sent. This unique, yet cohesive and hair-raising gift from the gods is undeniably hard to put an exact genre next to it without scratching your head and attempting to either try again or start combining or even making one up altogether. It’s so fresh and unexplainable, that we consider it to be golden in auditory value and golden in delivery of wow-factor.

From the high-paced hits to the dark and raspy vocals, it has all the notes of a well-structured, thought-out, and envisioned piece of… punching bag more or less.

Granted, OpasK has been ‘Against Genres‘ since 2015 so by all means leave it be and enjoy the imminent heart attack before you. Without further ado or scaring the living shit out of your neighbors, brace for impact; this is PVN¢H1NG B4G

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WE CHAT WITH OpasK – Read The Interview

Q1: Welcome to our storm OpasK. Can you expand on your introduction to dance music and what has ultimately kept you here? 

A1:  Growing up I would listen to so many different types of music across all sorts of genres.

However, I would say electronic music really started to pop up on my radar around 2010. Whether it be from random electronic music discoveries on Pandora or the electro-pop that would constantly play on hit radio at the time, I was hooked. But nothing kept me more hooked on electronic music at the time than Linkin Park‘s 2010 album, A Thousand Suns. It would only be 3 years later until I heard their song with Steve Aoki, “A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES,” which would only propel me further down the EDM rabbit hole.

It wasn’t until about one year after that that I would hear Skrillex for the first time after a friend showed me his music in our 6th grade art class. From there I was cemented and the rest is history

Q2: With a mission statement such as ‘Against Genres‘, where do you find inspiration to create the maniacal music you release? 

A2: I find the inspiration for the music I tend to create by consuming so many types of music regularly. Whether it be dubstep, deathcore, nu-metal, hard bass, uptempo hardcore, pop, indie, etc. I listen to it all. This allows me to then take bits and pieces from the music I listen to and apply it to my own sound. 

Q3: Your tracks R@V3 CR45H£R, D0NK 0R D1E. and utmost recently PVN¢H1NG B4G, are all immensely incredible and fast-paced. How long on average do you take in the studio before being happy with the end product?  

A3: It usually depends. The tracks you mentioned all took about one year to put together and finish. However, the idea for “PVN¢H1NG B4G” has existed since I was in 10th grade. There are even some tunes I’ve been working on since 2019! 

Q4: In a perfect world, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Give us a glimpse into that utopian 2027 year. 

A4:  I’d hope to have a full-time career somewhere in the music industry and quit the retail job I currently work at. I also see myself having more knowledge of not only music production, but the industry as a whole. Finally, I can also see myself with the better vocal ability and releasing crazier genre hybrids than ever before! 

Q5: For an up-and-coming producer who is interested in creating music without the barriers of genres, what are some tips or tricks you can leave for them?

A5: My tips for upcoming producers to make genreless music would be to listen to a lot of different music, watch a ton of youtube tutorials about making all sorts of music, and just generally experiment. Remember to practice every day if possible! There are no shortcuts and it’s taken me nearly 7 years to reach the point where I am at today. Overall, patience is key. 

THANK YOU – OpasK, keep it up!
He will be dropping a guest mix for us very soon so keep your eyes peeled and punching bags nearby!

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